Bag of Randomness for Thursday, January 5, 2023

  • I took the kids to trivia night. The waiter may have been working me for tips, but told me my kids were the most behaved kids he’s ever seen at a restaurant. He also thanked me for addressing him by name saying it brought humanity.
  • I’ve been working on a certification which has incremental exams. You have to answer 100% correct to pass and move to the next section. I’ve been failing this one exam for the past three days, and it’s been getting at me. My son was asking me about it, so I just showed him the online exam. I decided to take it as I was explaining the concepts to him, and as luck would have it, I finally passed the darn thing.
  • I bet Michael Jordon enjoys writing “23” on all the checks he’ll write this year. Though, I doubt he even will physically write a single check this year.
  • Danish bank workers celebrate first full year without robberiesFinance workers’ union says number of bank heists has fallen off as use of cash has decreased in recent years
  • United said it had this woman’s missing bag. She tracked it to a residential address
    • The disinformation researcher from Washington D.C. received her lost luggage after nearly six days, during which she tracked it as it went on walkabouts to local malls and McDonald’s while the airline told her that the bag was safely at its distribution center. In fact, it appeared to be at someone’s home — an apartment complex where Szybala says she found other emptied and discarded suitcases out by the trash.
  • U-Haul Ranks TEXAS the No. 1 Growth State of 2022
    • Texas is the No. 1 growth state in America for the second consecutive year and the fifth time since 2016, according to the U-Haul Growth Index analyzing customer moves during 2022. People arriving in Texas in one-way U-Haul trucks increased more than 1% from 2021, while departures also rose about 1%. Overall moving traffic slowed throughout most of the U.S. but remained busy in the Lone Star State in 2022.
  • It’s probably just the way the locals want it – For teens in Deep East Texas, accessing sex education and contraception is next to impossible
  • I started to play with my laser engraver again. Here’s a photo of my daughter I burned onto a bath tile.





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