Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, September 6, 2022

  • When I was in Washington D.C., I sent a postcard to a friend in Orlando. She received it last week. Talk about snail mail. Why do I send postcards? I like to make people smile, and let them know that I think of them and their value to my life even when I’m on vacation.
  • My pastor recently referenced Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night in a sermon. I thought his perception or interpretation was interesting.  He said his attention first goes to the church, and that the lights are off inside the building. Since the lights are off in the church, he thought the night in question occurred on a Tuesday, because Tuesdays typically are the least busy day for a church and that’s why the lights are off. Nifty.
  • For the next six, possibly twelve weeks, I’ll be taking some weekend classes for some career related stuff. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some processes and tools for years, but rarely come across those opportunities because the government is slow to implement new processes and technologies. I’m not a diehard fan of the Cowboys, but I really enjoy watching their games. When you think about it, viewers basically just get 16 chances a year to watch their favorite team play. All that to say, only one game will conflict with class time, and it’s the noon game against Washington.
  • I prefer having background noise when I do something. Lately, it’s been nothing but St. Vincent. And yet, I still can’t name one of her songs. I read in a local paper that her sister and brother-in-law own a Mexican restaurant in Dallas, and she often helps out waiting tables. There’s no telling how many times someone was served by a multi-Grammy winning artist and not even know it. Here’s her NPR Tiny Desk concert (language warning).
  • If you live in Texas, you know how important and popular homecoming mums are. Personally, I hated those things because of all the cow bells ringing and dinging. I was one of those “uncool” dudes in high school and never had a date for homecoming, so I never bought a homecoming mum. I’ve been seeing a girl who’s working on her PhD at a local school. She also never experienced wearing or getting a mum because she was homeschool. As a cute little joke, I was thinking of getting her an inexpensive mum when the school has their homecoming.
  • Angels Show Up to Protect LGBTQ Brigham Young University Students from Conservative ProtestorsA dozen fellow Brigham Young University students donned the costumes and wings, constructed with PVC piping and white sheets, to ward off a rally of 100 people opposing the LGBTQ attendees gathering at Kiwanis Park in Provo due to the school’s restrictive codes against non-heteronormative expression.
  • Quantum Leap Trailer Reveals Reboot’s First Time Travel DestinationA newly released teaser for NBC’s Quantum Leap reboot teases Raymond Lee’s Ben Seong’s first chaotic time-traveling adventure into the Gulf War.
  • Homecoming Queen Accused of Rigging Vote Plans to Sue School District, Police
  • It will be interesting to see how college football evolves now that players get paid and can easily transfer. Below are the first twelve scores from ESPN’s college football webpage. Only two games were decided by less than ten points. Most of the games were blowouts. I don’t get the appeal of watching games so lopsided like a 55-0, 49-3, 69-10. It’s so common, and you only get a handful of games. There’s so much pressure for teams to go undefeated and to run up the score to impress people who rank teams. It’s a shame teams don’t get a chance to fine tune themselves like the NFL. A team in the NFL can lose three straight, do some fine tuning, and then still make the playoffs. There’s still hope for the average fan. But in college. you lose a game or don’t run up the score, you appear weak. If your team makes a bowl game, but are not in the title hunt, now you have players choosing not to play to save themselves for the NFL. On the other hand, I’m just happy it’s football season and I also appreciate how both the NFL and NCAA differ in rules. It’s fun having to strategize with different rules. Man, talk about a first-world-problem. If my biggest gripe of the day is the kind of football I choose to watch, I live a pretty blessed life.
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