Bag of Randomness for Friday, September 2, 2022

  • The Simpsons know my hell all too well.
  • I’m all for spending money on space exploration, but I’m not a fan of spending money to repair or refurbish the Battleship Texas. I’m all about honoring the past, but not holding on to it. It’s more important to look to the future. Can we learn from the past? Absolutely, but we never do, so let’s not spend any more money on old stuff.
  • I don’t know if former President Trump’s sons ever had top secret clearance, but I’m certain they have held and read top secret documents. And, I’m willing to bet that copies of top secret documents exist outside of Mar-a-Lago. I’m also willing to bet he was willing to sell information on those documents for money and favors with foreign adversaries.
  • Poland demands $1.3 trillion war reparations from GermanyPoland’s top politician says that the government will seek equivalent of $1.3 trillion in reparations from Germany for the Nazis’ World War II invasion and occupation of his country
  • This woman fascinates me, she’s like a siren. And because of her, it’s the first time I’ve thought about Whirlyball in forever. – 45 Kickass Facts About St. VincentEverything You Need To Know About The Endlessly Entertaining, Dallas-Raised And Grammy-Winning Musician Born Annie Clark.
  • At first I was wondering why he only wanted to make one trip. That’s a heck of a long walk.

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