Bag of Randomness for Thursday, September 22, 2022

  • I attended my first church small group. I brought cookies and pumpkin scones to express my gratitude. They all welcomed me with open arms. The group filled with retired folks, and the joked how my age will bring the average age of the group down. One of them had a lot of questions about my mother and her Eastern faith. It was interesting talking about my mom for so long. It felt weird, and then I realized it’s been forever since I talked about or told stories about my mother. It was nice.
  • The group kept talking about my favorite pizza joint that I stopped there on the way home. I haven’t been since the separation. My ex taught the owner’s son and has always been extremely cordial with me, I was embarrassed to show up. But, he welcomed me with open arms and lent me some advice.
  • When someone tells me, “Aren’t you over that yet?” I think what I’m going through isn’t something to “get over”, it’s something to work through.
  • Family is not everything.
  • I’m going on my forth or fifth date with the same girl I had that five-hour dinner tonight. It’s pretty cool she wants to start a non-profit.
  • Boys and men experience more social isolation than girls and women, study finds
  • Several things still trigger me. I think trigger responses are about our bodies attempting to protect us from threats, not being weak.
  • Both took office when they where as old as dirt – Joe Biden’s approval rating is at the same level as Ronald Reagan’s in the run-up to the Republican president’s first midterm election.
  • “I have no patience with the extreme rightists who call everyone who disagrees with them a Communist, nor with the leftists who shout that the rest of us are all heartless money-grubbers.” – President Eisenhower
  • How about less “But didn’t you see the red flags?” And more “I see how hard you were trying to be loved.”
  • White House slams Ted Cruz for touting infrastructure project he voted against
  • If I understand this correctly, Joey Votto plays first base for the Cincinnati Reds, but is out for the season due to injury. Well, it appears he spent some time in the stands just being nice to the fans. That’s cool.
    • On Wednesday night at Great American Ball Park, Votto made his way through the crowd wearing a Larkin jersey during the first few innings to visit with fans and pose for photos. He was heard during the broadcast telling fans “thank you” a lot.

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