Bag of Randomness for September 21, 2022

  • Who knew a photo of then Prince Charles with a beard standing next to Johnny Cash existed. It’s easy to see why he chooses to be clean shaven.
  • If you are one of those who know the conflict of being lonely and wanting people near, but also being tired and feeling like you don’t have enough in ya to do anything other than get by, just know you aren’t alone.
  • I’ve posted this before, but I’m posting it again as it seems timely. England has not had a king in a long time. To find someone who performed for the last King of England isn’t as hard as you think. Thirteen-year-old Julie Andrews sang for King George VI in 1948.
  • While watching the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth, it just got me to thinking about how funerals are viewed across the globe. As the Queen’s car traveled, people were throwing flowers at it. In the U.S., that could be seen as offensive. When I was in California for a cousin’s funeral, other cars would honk at us on the highway as we rode in a limousine. It was later explained to me that was a way of showing respect and empathy. When we watch funerals in the Middle East, you often see loud crowds of people carrying the coffin. In some cultures, it’s best to remain stoic, while in others they openly wail. Then you have customs. In Asia, white is often worn as a sign of mourning, while in the West black is the custom.
  • The wreath placed on Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin has flowers from her 1947 wedding
  • Not too long ago, viewers wouldn’t notice this detail because the service wouldn’t have been broadcasted in HD – Viewers left shocked after spider crawls across Queen’s coffin during funeral

    Wouldn’t it be neat if the spider was radioactive and it bit the Queen turning her into Spider-Zombie-Queen?
  • Don’t make someone else the hero of your survival story. After all you’ve been through, you deserve the credit.
  • Ana de Armas Visited Marilyn Monroe’s Grave Before ‘Blonde’ to Ask ‘Permission’ to Play Her
  • Don’t cook chicken in NyQuil: Dangerous social media challenge spurs warning
  • This was everywhere yesterday.

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