Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 1, 2022

  • One of my newest friends has something akin to a bucket list. One the list was kayaking. I’ve always been hesitant to do it because my best friend drowned in a kayak accident one week before my wedding. But, I wanted to support my new friend, continue to do things I normally would not, and conquer a fear. Going into it, I had a really positive mindset. I planned on being careful, wearing a life jacket, had a feeling I was in a less sporty version of a kayak than my late friend, and the water was going to be nowhere near as rapid or choppy as it was where for him. My new friend did very well. Me, not so much. Despite following the instructions provided to me in a quick lesson, I never felt I was making any momentum paddling while my new friend was doing circles around me. I felt like I was Homer Simpson, weighing down a boat so much it became impossible to move. It was great seeing how happy it made my friend, but I grew frustrated and did my best not to ruin the moment for her and turned in about ten minutes early. Embarrassingly, I couldn’t make it back to the starting point. But the young guys running DFWSurf at Grapevine Lake were kind professionals and put any worry or concern I had at ease, and at least didn’t look annoyed that my kayak wasn’t close to the return area. They said it happens all the time.
  • Regarding my new friend, I’m trying to think of anyone I’ve met who is a better listener than her. She’s definitely gifted in that area.
  • One thing my ex didn’t have to go through to the extent I did was provide copies of statements, tax returns, and other fun stuff for like the past seven years. Looking back at it, I wish I would have asked my lawyer why I had to provide those docs since she filed for the divorce and had access to all our accounts and paperwork.
  • My local McDonald’s has two drive-thru lanes to order, and then one line is formed to get to the payment window. Yesterday, I took the dogs with me to grab lunch after church. The car in the lane next to me had a young girl in it with their dog. I called one of my pups over and made my dog wave to her dog. She lit up with a huge smile on her face and excitedly got her mom’s attention. They both grabbed their dog to make him or her wave back. It was a wholesome moment..
  • Group of Republicans and Democrats form new political party to appeal to moderates – I like their intention, something like this is needed. I always thought the Republican party would split in to, perhaps forming a MAGA political party. But, this group wants to be viable in 2024, and it makes me wonder how it’s going to affect the presidential election and what party is going to suffer the consequences of siphoned-off voters.
  • Taking Off a Condom Without Consent Is Rape, Canadian Supreme Court Rules
  • Pa. man hired to babysit facing animal sex charges after allegedly being caught on hidden camera
  • Kentucky Noah’s Ark sues insurance company over damage caused by heavy rains
  • Here’s the future replacement of fireworks shows. This was at Toyota Stadium in Frisco after the FC Dallas game this weekend.

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