Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, June 7, 2022

  • The dogs seem to have an extra pep in their step when the kid are here. It always makes me smile when I see them cuddle up next to them.
  • We started the new Obi Wan Kenobi series. Usually, we all sit on the couch, but I thought I’d give the kids more room, so I sat in my recliner. Right after the recap played, BoyGeeding said, “I’m going to sit with dad!” and despite a lack of room, made himself fit in my chair. I cherished that moment and no it won’t be long he won’t want to do stuff like that at all.
  • I think I nailed down the dates of our trip to Washington D.C. To request tickets to visit the White House, you have to contact your congressional representative’s office at least 21 days in advance. I think the same for a capitol tour, or it’s 14-days. Other tour option on his webpage I didn’t know was an option was The Pentagon.
  • I never thought of drones as a solution to the school shooting problem – Taser abandons plans to build stun gun-equipped drones for schools
    • Axon, the company formerly known as Taser, has abandoned plans to build a stun gun-equipped drone intended for deployment in schools after an “exodus” of resignations from its internal ethics board. The company’s chief executive, Rick Smith, said in a statement: “I want to be explicit: I announced a potential delivery date a few years out as an expression of what could be possible; it is not an actual launch timeline, especially as we are pausing that program. A remotely operated non-lethal Taser-enabled drone in schools is an idea, not a product, and it’s a long way off. We have a lot of work and exploring to see if this technology is even viable and to understand if the public concerns can be adequately addressed before moving forward.”
  • I was introduced to Restaurant Week by my workwife at Fidelity Investments. Of all things I could remember about her, it’s that she really liked the corn at Smith & Wollensky.  – Radio host Jim White, who co-created Savor Dallas and Restaurant Week, has died
  • Smith & Wollensky, at least the local one (when it was still open) used to have a “pay your age” special they would offer after a certain hour or on a certain night. I took advantage of it then, but I don’t think it would be advantageous for me now.
  • At least they kept their undergarments on – Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church service interrupted by abortion activists stripping down to demonstrate
  • The Texas Barbecue Revolution is over: The big cities won
    • For people who had not been paying close attention to all the big changes that have been taking place in the Texas barbecue scene for the past 10 years or so, that November 2021 issue was a surprise or even a shocker. Absent from the top 50 were the longtime revered stalwarts in Lockhart, a small city in rural Central Texas that looms large in the state’s barbecue lore. Instead, 29 of the 50 entries were new to the list.
    • And yet, not a single good BBQ place is near my house. I guess my arteries are thankful.
  • She’s 31 and has stage 4 kidney cancer. How she still got a great new job.
    • “The number of ppl advising me to not disclose my [diagnosis] is astounding,” she tweeted in mid-April. The concern was that employers might worry about the costs and absenteeism that can result from such a condition — even though federal law prohibits employers from taking health issues into account when hiring. Ruby Gadelrab, CEO and founder of MDisrupt, was unfazed. Moments after interviewing Coleman for a job, she tweeted: “Today I met a candidate who applied for one of our jobs, and she might just be the most inspiring person I have ever met.”
  • More Louie please. Can there be a Royal Honey Boo Boo version of a reality show for the young lad?

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