Bag of Randomness for Monday, June 6, 2022

  • Over the weekend, the Chase Tower’s logo was removed. I wonder how much that costs.
  • I attended several church events this weekend. At one of them, while the feature speaker was talking, a gentleman fell over and was seizing for several minutes, off and on. Poor guy, it was his first time visiting, and he kept apologizing. Thankfully, everything turned out fine.
  • I heard a great segment on NPR, I think This American Life, about students being concerned about an auditorium named Robert E. Lee. Most students were uncomfortable with the name. A questionnaire was given out to all students asking who they thought the man was famous for. High schoolers being high schoolers, one of the top tallying answers was, “The first man who ate ass.” That had me laughing in stitches. Back to the story … the school then watched a documentary on the man. It turns out it was named for a former superintendent who was instrumental in integrating the school, he just happened to share the same exact name as the Civil War general. When the townspeople originally named the auditorium, they thought everyone local would just know who it was named other and no one would mistake the name for someone else. The late superintendent usually signed his name “R.E. Lee” and that’s now the updated name of the auditorium.
  • Anytime I hear “superintendent” I think of Ralph from The Simpsons saying Super Nintendo Chalmers.
  • I’ve gone without the kids for about 11 straight nights. It’s been hard. And I still get that PTSD feeling the first 60-90 minutes with them.
  • San Antonio is not a fan – Gov. Greg Abbott’s Response to Uvalde Shooting Torched in Texas Paper Op-Ed: ‘A Powerful Man Does Nothing
  • I have not heard of this restaurant until now. I guess I should give it a try. Our local taco joints sure do like the double entendres. – Dallas-born Velvet Taco to spike to 100 restaurants and grow internationally“Nobody does what we do. Nobody has a chicken and waffle taco. … Nobody does a 420 blazin’ taco with Fruity Pebbles on it.
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