Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, May 18, 2022

  • It’s been a crappy week thus far.
  • Someone else thanked me for my service yesterday. I’ve never served, and I have facial hair, so I’m certainly not active.
  • From two different people, I was told how good the tacos, of all places, Dairy Queen, are. Both encouraged me to go on Tuesdays because they are only a dollar. I took them up on their offer and I don’t regret it. Now, I’d like to recommend for you to give the DQ Taco a try next Taco Tuesday. I think there’s better than Taco Bell or Taco Bueno’s. Of course, when it comes to fast food tacos, I’m partial to Jack In The Box, and I never want to know the ingredients or nutritional value of them.
  • I took the dogs to the vet yesterday to get some
  • vaccinations. I have no idea if Bill Gates is using nanobots to track the movements of my dog like he does with me and the Covid vaccination (Dear God, I hope you know I’m kidding). The employee at the window asked if the dogs would like a pup-cup. They’ve done this before, but I was surprised at the size she gave both of them.
  • I never really thought about it before until Craig Miller of The TICKET brought it up, but he wondered what the pitch throw count of a catcher might be. Everyone is focused on how many throws a pitcher makes, but no one really stops to consider the amount of time a catcher must throw a ball, especially for an entire game, unlike most pitchers who leave a little more than a third of a way through.
  • Texas teen who drove through a tornado is now the public face of TxDOT’s ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign
  • The new KTVT CBS11 anchor, Nicole Baker, is one fit looking individual.
  • Painting traded for a cheese sandwich in 1973 sold at auction for C$350,000
  • Austin man builds home on top of his car, turns tragedy to positivity
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, May 18, 2022

  1. Anonymous says:

    Comments are on!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, a catcher does not have to throw as hard…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now I’m craving tacos.

  4. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Keith – agree on the new KTVT anchor. But I also miss more normal looking people bringing me my weather & news. Sometimes the current on-screen talent pool seems too blow-dried, too tanned, and too toothy (really – how much tooth whitening does a person need?). Miss the folks like former KXAS Meteorologist Rebecca Miller. Good weather info, accurate forecasts, and pleasant to look at, in a hometown girl sort of way. Lost her gig because the KXAS Powers-That-Be and TV consultants said she was too rubenesque (Google it) for TV. I think she now plies her weather skills for Southwest Airlines. And do you think a Dale Hansen type would be hired for TV sports today? Nope. Too fat, too old, too much hair lost, and too opinionated. TV news must be like my whole milk – thoroughly homogenized and pasteurized.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your ex and her family have really done some cruel, unnecessary, selfish things. That’s on them. I hope they see the error of their ways someday. You have a right to be angry. But you keep saying you don’t understand why she left and why she did it the way she did.

    Re-read your Jan 20 post from a woman’s perspective. Men and women can view conflict differently because of the potential for domestic violence. You mentioned throwing things, yelling, breaking stuff in your house to prove a point, **texting her a picture of you holding a rifle after you two had a fight** – are you kidding me? She followed textbook escape protocol for a woman who feels she is in danger. An abused woman who wants to leave pretends everything is fine while she plans her escape, then she disappears. That way the guy can’t stop her…and punish her. One CDC estimate says 31% of US women have experienced some sort of physical abuse from a partner. I know women who have been physically and/or sexually assaulted. So do you, whether you realize it or not. Women have legitimate reasons to fear for their safety and for their children’s. Maybe you didn’t physically abuse her or the kids. That’s good. But you scared her, and you said she hates confrontation and is a coward. She could very easily fear you might cross that line someday. So she left, and now she probably feels safer. Was that the right decision? Maybe, maybe not. But posting things like “Too bad it wasn’t another Kelsey who took a 95-mph baseball hit to the head” will only reassure her that she made the right choice and potentially give her lawyer additional ammo against you.

    I’ve read BON for a long time now. You seem like a nice guy at heart from what you post. You love people, especially those closest to you, and want them to be happy. This experience has understandably made you bitter, cynical, and hard. Please keep seeing your therapist to work through all this mess. You’re in a dark, miserable tunnel right now. Keep pushing forward until you can see the light at the end. You can get through this.

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