Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, May 17, 2022

  • Natalie Portman has been working out, and it shows.
  • I heard a segment on NPR that, on average; it takes married couples seven years to meet with a counselor about a particular issue.
  • When I got my car inspected the other day, the service attendant called me, “boss-man.” Normally, when someone refers to me as “boss” I don’t like it, especially when I’m not that boss. Yet, I found “boss-man” didn’t bother me in the least.
  • Something else that bothers me in customer service is anytime a worker or employee will respond to me with, “No problem.” I know they don’t mean to, but they should never put the customer in a situation in which they may think they are inconveniencing you or they did something wrong.
  • One little thing that bugs me about waitstaff who cleans off tables is when they spray a cleaning solution in the open air directly on the surface of the table. One of my worst bosses trained me long ago that doing so may cause particles to land on someone nearby and you are introducing a cleaning aroma when the customer should only smell the aroma of food. Instead, spray the cleaning solution directly into your washcloth to minimize the spreading of particles and smell.
  • The older I’ve gotten, I slowly saw the ridiculousness traditions are. Especially when they are labeled sacred. The world will continue to go around should something some ritual not take place. But, that’s not to say I don’t see the fun in them and the opportunity for them to create a bond. It’s just too many of us go ape shit over them and take them too seriously. The world didn’t implode when aTm and UT stopped playing football. Traditions came to mind when I saw the news Jen Psaki step down as the White House Press Secretary. There used to be a tradition of the person leaving the office pass down a flak jacket to the person who will be taking over. But that all stopped during the Trump administration because several people in that role never held a press conference and just stopped the tradition. The jacket has since gone missing. It is a little eery if you think about how the press room is named after James Brady, who was the victim of a gunshot wound after an assassination attempt on Reagan and suffered debilitating lifelong injuries.
  • From Feb-Aug of last year, I only got to see my children nine hours a week. I wasn’t able to give them a kiss goodnight for 137 nights. What was torturous was taking parenting classes and going home and not being able to immediately apply anything I learned. It also sucked not to discuss it with the other parent. There was a lot of fun and bonding in parenting together, at least for me.
  • I’m surprised Mr. Andrea Mitchell, Alan Greenspan, is still alive at 96. He’s looked 96 for the last three decades.
  • Thousands of Britain’s ‘fish and chip’ shops could close within a year. – The United Kingdom’s fish-and-chip shops are under severe strain as the prices of key ingredients — including cod and cooking oil — soar as a result of the Russian assault on Ukraine.
  • I was speaking to a friend yesterday. He’s been single for a while and is having an affair with a woman. The woman is okay with the affair, but he said she won’t put up with any kind of cursing.
  • I only watched five minutes of Amber Heard being cross-examined by Johnny Depp’s attorney. I’m no lawyer or PR wiz and probably have already used incorrect language or terminology, but her career is now ruined. She has so much in common with my ex, but Heard’s a nicer person because she doesn’t weaponize children. I don’t think Depp will win the case, but he will come away the winner in this.
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