Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 9, 2022

  • I was not aware of how muscular Willie Mays was. He’s currently our oldest greatest baseball player.
  • The new pharmacist in town is an Anna Kendrick doppelganger. As a matter of fact, when I first saw her, I wondered if I was on one of those Candid-Camera/Punked shows. When asked how often does she get mistaken for the adorable actress, she said it happened that morning. While standing in line at a Starbucks, a young girl approached her, asking for a selfie and saying how much she likes her Cups song. If you want to know my pharmacy, here’s a hint: It’s the northernmost pharmacy in Coppell.
  • In high school, I had a friend claim he poked a needle through a condom packaged in his cousin’s wallet because he hated his cousin.I think his cousin was half the responsible party to one particular teenage-pregnancy that occurred. That story came to mind after reading this article –  Germany: Woman sentenced for poking holes in partner’s condoms
  • Years ago, I was considering getting a vasectomy. At the time, the then wife wanted no more children. But one thing held me back. What if a certain fateful event happened that changed my mind? I heard there are often complications with reversals. For once, I’m glad I didn’t lay my balls out there.
  • the On Tuesday, BoyGeeding and DaughterGeeding both have games at the same time in two different cities. Their mother sent me a message asking how I would like to handle this. Remember, she told the judge that I’m controlling and manipulative, and has pending litigation against me to further restrict my access to our children. She won’t have a discussion with me, with a third party present, and won’t provide me answers or examples on how she thought I was controlling and manipulative. As much as I would like to propose win/win propositions, I can’t provide her my thoughts and ideas in order to protect myself, as well as my continued access to the children. I wish we could be more collaborative with things concerning our children.

  • I thought of my daughter and her struggles about thinking of ending her life when this 60 Minutes segment aired last night – Suicide, self-harm, depression and anxiety rates rising among U.S. kids
    • If we were all living together as a family under one roof, I would have called my daughter and wife in the room to watch this segment together. I’d then ask my daughter if she could identify or relate with the nine-year-old in this story and have a heart-to-heart. Divorce prevents such things.
  • Man, I thought this was a good question and one I’d love to have sitting around a campfire with my closest friends. Brady is obvious, but my heart says no since he benefits from rule changes. Sentimentally I want to say Jordan. But I think the correct answer is Michael Phelps. Serena Williams and I think Carl Lewis should at least be part of the conversation.
  • The actor who provided the voice of the snowman in Frozen shared a unique coincident.

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