Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, May 10, 2022

  • Some days you just want to kick back and crank up some Wilson Phillips to 11.
  • The man who has been mentoring me through my divorce, as he had a similar divorce decades ago, revealed to me he’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Man, bum deal.
  • I think I was the only person in the U.S. not interested in that escaped convict and that law enforcement official he had a relationship with.
  • I think everyone likes that Jake from State Farm guy.
  • Things that are still around that surprise me – Amway, Barbara Eden and Feldon, Bob Barker, Angela Lansbury
  • It will be interesting to see who will win between Trump and DeSantis in the Republican primary.
  • I wish I was appointed ambassador of french fries. I’d start a holy war against tater tots. First, I’d send in the crinkle fries, followed by a battalion of curly fries, and finishing the mission with a regimen of waffle fries. I’d then start diplomacy talks with onion-rings. And later, baked potatoes. But I know my limits. No way am I taking on mashed potatoes.
  • New Poll Shows Texas Republicans Believe Christians, White People Most Discriminated Against
  • Texas National Guard Soldiers Trying to UnionizeWhen Governor Greg Abbott took immigration policy into his own hands, sending ten thousand troops to the border, not everyone went along.
  • At least East Texas is no longer a major part of my life – A Fundamentalist East Texas Church Bought a Sawmill. Injuries and Child Labor Violations Began to Pile Up.
  • I always wanted to try an open-mic night – Standup comedy course for men at risk of suicide wins NHS funding –  Comedy On Referral will help vulnerable adults in London after successful course in Bristol for trauma survivors
    • Standup comedy is regularly listed as one of the toughest jobs in the world, featuring heavily in 90% of people’s top 10 fears. But a course helping some of the most vulnerable people in the country by teaching them to be comedians is proving so successful that it is being socially prescribed by NHS trusts and private practices across the country.“I’ve taught comedy for 10 years, and students often told me how much stronger, more resilient and happier they were after exploring their personal histories through standup comedy,” said Angie Belcher, founder of Comedy on Referral and comedian-in-residence at Bristol University.“That inspired me to prove that the models, exercises and games used in a standup comedy course can help people to recover from emotional problems such as mental illness, postnatal depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders,” she said.
  • Haley Taylor Schlitz isn’t old enough to buy a beer, but she is set to become Southern Methodist University’s youngest-ever law school graduate, at just 19 years old.
  • Couple live aboard cruise ships after calculating it makes more ‘financial sense’ than a mortgageAfter crunching the numbers, the couple, in their 50s, realised they could live the rest of their lives hopping from cruise ship to cruise ship – for as little as $A62 ($43 U.S. dollars) each a day.
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