Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 30, 2022

  • Top Gun: Maverick was everything I hoped it would be and more. It’s probably the greatest summer movie I’ve ever seen, and is the best sequel to a movie ever, except for the sequels to The Godfather and Star Wars. I’m actually thankful Cruise only allowed it to be released in theaters and made us wait two years, it was worth it.
  • A year ago, I would have really been bothered by this, but stuff like this is no longer surprising or upsetting to me. DaughterGeeding told me on the ride to church yesterday with her brother and mother, her mother stated she wasn’t doing anything to keep her or her brother away from their father. When they arrived at church, DaughterGeeding asked her mother if she could sit by her father. The ex told her no. In doing so, she kept our daughter away from her father. The girl specifically asked if she could be with me and the ex prevented that. She can’t see past her own hypocrisy.
  • On Friday night I decided to do something out of my comfort zone and attend a Celebrate Recovery session at one of the closest churches near me. I had nothing else to do on a Friday night, and it was rather convenient. I’ve always described Celebrate Recovery as Alcoholics Anonymous with a Jesus sticker slapped on it. During the orientation, they listed a bunch of things they are and are not. Under the “are not” list was “Alcoholics Anonymous with a Jesus sticker.” For what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s anything wrong if they are AA with a Jesus sticker nor consider it a insult. But, they are gonna have to convince me they aren’t. In a lot of ways, from the testimonials I’ve heard, AA is a fantastic group and I sometimes wish I had an alcohol problem just to hang out and make new friends.
    • In case you know nothing about Celebrate Recovery (CR), each session starts off with a big group meeting and then men and women go to separate smaller groups.
    • Like AA, introductions are similar. So, in an AA meeting, guy would start things off by introducing himself by saying something like, “Hi, I’m Bob, and I’m an alcoholic.” In CR, they state whatever they are recovering from. So you will hear things like “Hi, I’m Bob and I’m recovering from pornography and gambling” or “Hi, I’m Becky and I’m recovering from overeating.”
    • I really liked what the first person had to say, “If you already have a church home, we ask that you keep going to your church. We’re not trying to recruit you. But if you are looking for a church, feel free to visit.”
    • They held this group at a Church of Christ. Traditionally, they don’t use instruments, the praise God just as they are. The session started off with some praise and worship music, with instruments. So, it looks like CR is non or inter-denominational. I’m not sure of the difference.
    • One sentence which stuck with me, “Looking busy is the greatest camouflage.”
    • If you go to five straight sessions, you get a free CR Bible. If you bring a friend, you get a wooden nickel. Seriously. I think after accumulating so many wooden nickels, you can trade them in for something.
    • I doubt I will go five straight times, because of the kids, but I think I’ll go back. This is Keith 1.5 trying to upgrade to Keith 2.0.
  • More than 800 Houston ISD teachers say they won’t be returning to the classroom next year
  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Booed Upon Arriving at Uvalde School Shooting Site
  • U.S. Rep. Cleaver introduces bill to withhold Congressional pay after mass shootingsNo Pay Until Peace Act would withhold paychecks from every congressional member for each month there is a mass shooting
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