Bag of Randomness for Friday, May 27, 2022

  • As saddened as I am about the latest school shooting, I was fortunate to hear the news while my children were in my rent house home. The ex and I start a summer possession schedule next week, so they still stayed the traditional Thursday night with me (just ask a single-father in Texas how important Thursday nights are). Despite my ex alienating our kids from me last year, I still try to abide by the golden rule of “treat others as you would like to be treated.” I knew if I was separated from the children during an emotionally sensitive time like this, I would just want to be around them. I was tempted to contact the ex and see if she wanted to either have dinner or get ice cream with the kids. But, she has a pending lawsuit against me and continues to claim I’m a manipulator, so I erred on the side of caution.
  • DaughterGeeding informed me that before she visits a friend’s house for the first time, her mother will contact her parents and ask if their are any firearms in the house. I don’t have a problem with her doing that, but it does surprise me as she never did that sort of thing when we were married.
  • Since we’re on the topic of firearms and the ex. The time frame between the rifle photo and her leaving me was three months, with no objects being thrown during that time period. My attorney thought it was odd for her to suddenly become concerned about me and a firearm and darting off three months later, despite us discussing it in depth and what I thought was a resolved issue. However, at the custodial trial, despite lacking evidence, she made it a concern. After mediation, my attorney found it interesting how firearms wasn’t brought up a single time, yet her first demand was for me to be regularly drug tested. Clearly, she was never really concerned about me and the firearm.
  • There are three big releases this weekend. If one of these don’t at least pique your interest, then I doubt we’d get along socially, at least regarding pop-culture. Maybe we might find something in common with sports.
    • Top Gun: Maverick
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • Stranger Things Season 4
      • DaughterGeeding is a huge fan of Stranger Things fan and started a countdown clock the day the release date was released. It starts airing 2:01 AM Central, and I’ll be up watching it with her. Yes, I’m a fan of the show, not a fanatic, but for me, it’s more about making memories. We’re going to to binge watch the entire new season in one setting.
  • I’m not embarrassed by my service as a volunteer on the rec team at the summer Baptist encampment Camp Copass. But I’m a little embarrassed that our theme was “Top Son” and we all went by call signs from the movie. And yes, I was Maverick. There are photos, and even a video that exists.
  • I only eat two varieties of Sweet Tarts, the pink and the purple. So, when I buy a package, I typically eat less than half of what’s in it. The ones I don’t eat either go to the kids or the trash.
  • While listening to NPR yesterday, a commercial really had me confused. I thought I heard “bathroom counterfeiters” and was really perplexed by the business. But, the person was actually saying “bathroom counter-fitters” and that made much more sense.
  • Yesterday morning the Musers on The TICKET brought up the topic of how the sound of gas-powered leaf blowers are irritating and makes one anxious, especially when the lawn crew uses them excessively for what seems like an hour. I suppose my version of hell would be living next door to someone using a gas-powered leaf blower on these wind chimes I found at Costco.
  • I do not know how to avoid using a split infinitive and to not use a double negative in this sentence. Me no right to good.
  • I watched David Letterman interview Kevin Durant on Netflix. Both men stated they weren’t interested in pursuing happiness, which caught my attention and surprised me. I’ve been chasing it since the separation and hope to eventually find joy. It got me to do some research, and this is what Durant had to say about it:
    • “I don’t even like to use the word happiness. That’s just such a fleeting feeling. It can just go so up and down, I don’t wanna chase that feeling. It’s just not an efficient way to live for me. I feel like just having peace and really just enjoying being alive every day is the best place for me to be. You know, I don’t wanna be happy or sad. Like, I don’t even wanna have to go through that. I just wanna kinda just float through life, I experienced so much. I just wanna take on every experience for what it is and enjoy it in the moment. You know, I don’t wanna chase happiness, I just try to stay even.
    • I suppose what he’s really talking about is being present. But it got me thinking if I’ve been chasing the wrong thing this whole time. Perhaps I should chase peace instead of happiness; and by finding peace, I’ll find happiness, as it will be a byproduct which will hopefully lead me to joy. (Everybody now, “I’ve got joy, joy, joy, joy deep in my heart. Where? Deep in my heart.“)
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