Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, May 31, 2022

  • Today is DaughterGeeding’s 12th birthday. Per the stupid divorce decree, I get to have both her and her brother from 5:00 PM – 8:0o PM today. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but WifeGeeding will have to attend a teacher workday session today. So, she’s asked me if I would watch them while she’s at work. I consider this progress. As you may recall, last year for her teacher’s work days, she had her mother and sister drive from 110 miles from East Texas on alternating days to watch our children instead of granting me any additional time. That hurt, and I felt she was setting a precedent for how she wants to handle things in the future. However, she did ask if I’d be willing to forgo my possession time from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM since I’ll be watching the kids all day. I understand where she’s coming from. But remember, this is the same woman who would only allow me a monitored five-minute speakerphone call with our son on his ninth birthday after alienating both kids from me for four straight nights. What did I do? Well, I first talked to DaughterGeeding. It’s her birthday, after all, and asked what she wanted to do. She was indifferent.  I thought it over some more, and even though the kids will be with me during the workday, I still have to work, so it’s not like I’m playing with our daughter and son the entire time. I actually have to work. I’m just lucky I get to do it from home. So, I don’t think it’s fair for me to sacrifice my time that’s specifically stated in the divorce decree, especially when you consider her past actions. No matter what, not only do both of us adults have our professional obligations, our daughter will wake up and go to bed at her house, so daughter and mother will have some quality time together. She also gets the kids the majority of the time anyways. Perhaps if we shared the kids 50/50, I would have been willing to sacrifice the evening time to help balance things out, but I’m already working from a deficit.
  • Someone on The TICKET referenced Just For Feet, an old shoe store I which used to fascinate me. I think after your twelfth purchase of shoes you got a pair for free.
  • I’m sure this is important and our lives will end up changing because of it, but I’m not sure how – US Takes Supercomputer Top Spot With First True Exascale Machine
  • Dang it, it only comes in child sizes. I want one for myself.
  • Gov. Abbott attributes mass shootings to mental health issues a month after cutting $211 million from mental health commission
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