Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 13, 2022

  • I think the world’s most wasted individual food item has to be the tomato, by both weight and volume. I eat fast food much more than I should, and I’m amazed at the amount of ketchup and salsa packets that get thrown in, but I never asked for.
  • I recently heard an old Jim Carrey graduation speech in which he asked, “So you do things out of fear or out of love?” It made me ponder about a lot of my actions, especially as it’s come to the divorce and the alienation of my children.
  • I asked my friends at trivia night this question I found on Reddit, “What’s the cringiest movie scene of all time?” All our answers were the same, the curb scene in American History X. Just thinking about the noise the teeth make on the curb sent shudders up our spines.
  • Yesterday, the Musers discussed sandwiches and claimed to be the “sandwich show of record.” Junior Miller stated how he only ate peanut butter sandwiches without jelly because that’s how his mother made them. I’m in the same boat, and have never tried the combination of peanut butter and jelly. Just the thought of combing the two doesn’t seem appealing. But then again, I’m the same person who will only eat fruit raw and by itself. So, I would eat an apple, but not an apple pie. I eat grapes, but won’t touch jelly or jam. I’ll eat an orange, but will steer clear of orange chicken.
  • I think it’s a bit of a tradition for presidential candidates to be asked their favorite sandwich, and most will say the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You know, a sandwich of the people. But for me, it’s the club sandwich, hands down. It’s an all-inclusive sandwich. You combine three meats, ham, turkey, and bacon. You have the choice of two or three slices of toasted bread. I used to say you had to have three slices of bread to make it an official club, but no longer willing to die on that hill. Then you have your choices of cheese and spread along with lettuce and tomato. It simply can’t be beat.
  • Yesterday was National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day. I’ve never ordered one or made one for myself. I have finished uneaten portions of my children’s and have never eaten an entire grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Baskin-Robbins is getting a makeover. Here’s what’s going to happen and a little history which may answer some questions you always wondered about.
    • The 77-year old ice cream shop is tweaking its logo, employee uniforms and packaging to update the brand. It’s the first major update for Baskin-Robbins since 2006, according to the company. It will also sell merchandise, including bikes and bucket hats, from a dedicated online store for the first time. And Baskin-Robbins will unveil new flavors as part of the refresh.
    • Brothers-in-law Irvine “Irv” Robbins and Burton “Burt” Baskin founded the ice cream company in 1945. But they didn’t brand it as “Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream” until 1953. “The original advertising campaign in 1953 was built around circus iconography,” said Grandinetti. That campaign used the pink and brown that Baskin-Robbins is reviving today. That was also the year that Baskin-Robbins introduced the idea of 31 flavors, one for every day of the month. Both the new and old logos have “31” hidden between the B and the R when the letters are placed together. Today, Baskin-Robbins has hundreds of flavors in its portfolio.
  • Lululemon wants your used workout clothes
    • Starting April 22, Lululemon (LULU) shoppers can trade in used items, including pants, tops, shorts, jackets and more, in exchange for an e-gift card as part of the “Lululemon (LULU) Like New” program. The retailer said all returned items will be cleaned and evaluated for resale through a partnership with Trove, an industry expert in recommerce. The chain will then offer the approved items for resale on The value of the gift cards customers receive will vary, depending on the type of item traded in and its condition once it’s approved for resale.
    • The retailer will offer $5 for tank tops, t-shirts, short and long sleeve shirts and shorts, $10 for hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, crops, leggings, dresses, and bags and $25 for Lululemon coats & jackets.
  • Nice prank, nice response – ‘Udderly heinous’: Wharton pranked with fake ‘Chick-Fil-A coming soon’ sign, cops looking for culpritPolice also shared a photo of a hooved individual they say was spotted near the scene of the crime.
  • Regions from Texas to Florida are considered to be the “stone belt.”Texans are at an increased risk of developing kidney stones

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