Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 12, 2022

  • Sometimes you can sum up America in one photo. This is one of those photos.
  • The average adult produces 6.3 cups of urine a day.
  • I used to time how long I coud pee before breaking the stream. I’m sure I’ve broken 90 seconds.
  • Josh Hamilton was correct in saying Arlington or the DFW area isn’t a baseball city. Texans never take criticism well, no matter how correct. And it doesn’t matter that it was on Monday during school, they’ve sold out home openers during under those circumstances before, and cities like Boston don’t have trouble with it. The ball club used to have a small town everybody is a part of it feel. Now, it feels so corporate and sterile. But then again, I’m just a casual baseball fan.
  • Bolivia has a navy, even though South American country has been landlocked since the War of the Pacific and its 1904 peace treaty.
  • Louisiana pastor who taped children’s mouths defends action, says students bullied teacher
    • A Louisiana pastor, “Survivor” contestant and Republican politician was arrested last week and charged with three counts of cruelty to juveniles after taping children’s mounts shut for talking too much in class. He defended his actions Monday. The Rev. John Raymond, founder and headmaster of Slidell’s Lakeside Christian Academy, issued a 1,100-word statement on the school’s website blaming the students for bullying a teacher and insisting none of the children was harmed. Raymond, who is an elected member of the Louisiana Republican Party governing board, said a teacher approached him in tears threatening to quit because a group of students was continually disrupting her class by talking.
  • DFW International ranks as world’s second-busiest airport in 2021
    • DFW International Airport was the world’s second-busiest air travel hub for passengers in 2021, even though traffic was still far behind pre-pandemic levels, and it trailed only Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. DFW soared last year on the strength of U.S. domestic leisure travelers with 62 million passengers, leapfrogging other airports in the country such as Los Angeles and Chicago O’Hare that rely on international passengers for a larger percentage of traffic, according to Airports Council International.
  • In the next decade, dashcams will become a standard feature on all vehicles.
  • For the first time in a long time, I saw one of those Google Street View cars driving around.
  • San Francisco police stop self-driving car – and find nobody inside, video shows
    • The video is a little comical. If I were writing a movie, I’d have the cops shoot out the tires. I’m not a lawyer, but I wonder if the cops need some type of conscent to open the door and search the vehical.
  • But this is a sweet story – After starting Rangers’ home opener, Taylor Hearn gets postgame interview question from his sister
    • Taylor started laughing when he saw it was Robyn asking the question. He then became sincere very quick. He told his younger sister that he wanted to set an example for her and show that he could make it to a stage like Monday’s, even if he once doubted it. He then thanked her for her support. “Despite the results, I didn’t really even care if I won the game or we lost or whatever,” Taylor said. “I was just more happy to see you, that you were here.”

  • He makes the presidency look cheap. No U.S. President needs a shirt with “President” and their name embroidered on it. Literally, every time you walk into a room, everyone knows who you are.He’s compensating for something.
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