Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 11, 2022

  • The ex will occasionally show up at the church I still attend with the children. I used to six next to them until she sent me an email and asked that I not to, so I complied. She also said that the children will choose who they will sit with. I expressed the concern that I don’t like the children having to literally choose a parent, but she never replied. Most of the time, the when the kids enter with her, they will sit next to me. This has happened every time except once. Our son stayed and sat next to his mother, but our daughter has always sat next to me. Yesterday, she attended church along with our daughter. Our son stayed the night at a friend’s house, so he was a no show. This time, the ex told our daughter that during her possession period; she has to sit next to her. Months ago, these alienation tactics would annoy me. Now, I simply expect it, and it’s almost liberating because it’s so predictable. My feelings aren’t hurt, but I see it hurts the children’s, and that’s what bothers me.
  • Our daughter had a softball game on Friday night. I sat by myself for almost the entire game, and I noticed the ex did the same. It’s stupid we can’t get along well enough that we can’t sit and support our daughter together for a few hours at a time.
  • I was slotted to work most of the weekend. Since it was my weekend without the kids, I made time to watch The Batman. It’s just shy of three-hours long. I love comic book stuff and like to see these different variations of Batman. While I enjoyed it, I just couldn’t get past the casting of Robert Pattison. He seems like a great guy, and in interviews, I really like his approach to getting to know the character and his appreciation for previous iterations. But, this Batman seemed to emo.
  • Colorado’s lowest natural point, the Arikaree River, sits higher in elevation than the highest points of 18 other states.
  • AI predicts if and when someone will experience cardiac arrest.An algorithm built to assess scar patterns in patient heart tissue can predict potentially life-threatening arrhythmias more accurately than doctors can”
  • This would have been so much better than the garbage Disney and J.J. Abrams threw at us – Star Wars: 9 Coolest Unused Concepts From George Lucas’ Sequel Trilogy
  • Traveler told TSA he had ‘no idea’ a sword was concealed in his cane
  • California officer plays Disney music to thwart YouTuber’s recording
    • Police in Santa Ana, California, are investigating after video was released of one of an officer blaring copyrighted music in an attempt to thwart a YouTuber who was recording him. Residents of a Santa Ana neighborhood were awoken to the sounds of police cars, a helicopter and something else they didn’t expect: Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”
  • So much to unpack here.
  • Talk about a chance encounter.

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