Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 19, 2022

  • A loyal reader sent me an email and used the word “obstinate”. I have a limited vocabulary, so I had to look it up. It means stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or chosen course of action, despite attempts to persuade one to do so. Obstinate is now added to my vocabulary. I wish I could eliminate the obstinate person in my life.
  • Masks are no longer needed for public transportation and there were three mass shootings over Easter weekend. Things are starting to return to normal.
  • DaughterGeeding had a softball game last night in Fort Worth. Since the ex left me with the short-range electric car, I had to borrow my friend Jimi’s car just to make it to the game. I’ll always remember him as someone who helped me rebuild my life and help raise my children, no matter how direct or indirect.
    • The coach provided an address which lead everyone to one of two parking lots which was much further away than the other one. Instinctively, I texted my ex ,who was on her way, the address of the closer parking lot. After I sent the text I regretted it. She doesn’t want to have that kind of communication or relationship and she could turn around as a form of harassment.
    • After dropping off DaughterGeeding, BoyGeeding and I had an about 90-minutes to kill before the start of the game. So, we went to Whataburger. We ate there two days ago, and as always, I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich for him. Over the past several months, they have taken it off the children’s menu, but it could still be ordered as an entree. Actually, it couldn’t be ordered online, but you could still order it in person. Yesterday, I was informed that it’s not offered whatsoever. So, I had to order a cheeseburger on Texas toast without the meat just to get my boy a grilled cheese. Come on, Whataburger, parents depend on certain menu items!
    • The game ended at night. As the kids left with their mother, I instinctively thought of how much she hates to drive at night, and the lack of confidence she has in her only functioning eye while driving at night. I thought how proud I used to be to fill that need in her life, that I was a guardian of sorts. Yeah, I’m also worried about my children’s safety, but there was a certain amount of pride I had feeling I was protecting my whole family. But, I certainly don’t want to experience the feelings of being a neglect, unappreciated, and ignored spouse. I’m trying to focus on that freedom of knowing I don’t have to love the rest of my days feeling overlooked.
    • I hope one day I will be able to love another woman who will allow me to help raise her children as I earn her trust and respect. Meeting cool woman like BagelGirl, PetSittingMademoiselle, and PopCultureJenny give me hope there are great women out there and I don’t have to settle for things I felt I had to settle for before.
    • This park had a merry-go-round. I think that now makes a total of three that I have found in the DFW area. They have become almost nonexistent. There’s a rumor (look it up) that it’s still illegal to ride a merry-go-round in Idaho on Sundays.
  • This 20-year-old Japanese baseball player threw the first perfect game in Japan in over 28 years (with 19 strikeouts), and then, in his very next game, threw eight more perfect innings. Remember the name Roki Sasaki. He’ll be playing at a MLB ballpark near you in the foreseeable future.
  • A few of LiberallyLean’s most recent posts are about his annoyance of how talk radio hosts have butchered the meaning of the Law of Parties in light of the news that Dallas Cowboy Kelvin Johnson was in the same car where bullets were fired which killed a man. Each time he did this, I kept thinking about the Wayne Brady skit from the Chappel Show. You have no idea how much I’d love to sit next to him and hear him lecture me about the Law of Parties regarding that skit, pausing and explaining various aspects of how it would be applied or interpreted. Sure, he could write about it, but it would be great having the audio and visual aspect of him lecturing. The skit is hilarious, but if you aren’t into vulgar stuff and cursing, it’s not going to be for you.
  • Watch Tom Cruise Really Fly A Fighter Jet In Top Gun 2 BTS Video

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