Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 4, 2022

  • DaughterGeeding’s school’s softball team had a game on Friday night. She got two at bats, but didn’t get a hit. Buy hey, she’s a sixth-grader and was facing a high school pitcher. I’d be pretty darn intimidated as a sixth-grader having to compete against a high schooler. In her first game, several weeks ago, she was playing left field, and a pop fly was hit to her. She made a mistake I made when I first played the outfield in church league softball.¬† I took a step forward, misjudged the ball, and it went over my head. I never had a chance to redeem myself. However, on Friday night, DaughterGeeding was playing right field. We’ve been practicing catching pop flies. This time, instinctively, she took a step back, waited and adjusted for the ball, put her glove in the air, and caught the ball for the final out of that inning. I was so happy and proud of her.
  • DaughterGeeding’s mother does not feel comfortable with me sitting or interacting with her at our children’s games or any event, so I keep my distance. When our daughter caught that out, I wish I could have celebrated with her. I wanted to look at her and smile, acknowledging our daughter’s achievement. But, my ex currently has a lawsuit against me. I fear doing the slightest thing to offend her, and to have to pay for more litigation to defend myself and my rights as a father. It sucks having to fight the instinct of turning me head and smiling at her to celebrate our daughter.
  • Our son had a soccer game the following day. DaughterGeeding asked if we could bring our two dogs, and I said sure. Somehow, the ex sat near me; I guess to give the dogs some attention. At one point, she made some small talk as we watched our son, and it felt good, in a weird way, that all of us (dogs included) were doing something together. The family she chose to live with when she first left me has a child that was playing in our son’s game. I have no idea what she’s told them or what they think or know of me. I’m guessing they believe I’m some type of abuser, as she and her family have falsely told others. Their kids who were not playing in the game took interest in our dogs. They had a ton of questions and started to play with them and then asked me if they could take them for a walk. I told them I’d be happy to walk around the field with them as they hold the dogs’ leashes tightly. The parents seemed just fine with it, and we all had a delightful walk.
  • I hate it when I’m out shopping and I see something I think my ex will like. That instinct of spotting things I think she would like and gifting it to her is still there. I was the type of husband that would randomly and often buy my wife gifts. I wish there was a way I could easily cure myself of thinking about doing that. At this stage, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to do that with the two girls I’m still “getting to know” better. One of them is really into me. Normally, I’m not good at picking up hints, but she texts every morning when she wakes up and before she goes to bed, as well as throughout the day. She also sends photos of herself and likes to call me handsome. She’s a lot of things I wish my ex was, like affirming, flirtations, and complimentary. But I’m not there yet and don’t want to lead anyone on.
  • Netflix has a show called¬†Trivia Quest that I really enjoyed playing with the kids over the weekend. It’s an animated trivia show in which you use your remote to select one of four answers.
  • I saw some guy named Jerrod Carmichael was trending on Twitter. It turns out he was hosting SNL and everyone loved his monologue. It made me question if he was a guy that totally exceeded expectations or if it was a publicity stunt.
  • During halftime of the North Carolina and Duke game, we made a Blizzard run and took the dogs. To our surprise, the drive-thru attendant spotted our dogs and asked if she could give each dog a “pup cup”. I said sure, even though I had no idea what they were. But each dog got a small tiny cup of Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream topped with a dog treat.
  • Guard donkeys sent to protect Northern Colorado cow herd from wolves

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