Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 5, 2022

  • I love how the Reddit college basketball subreddit made the best out of a rivalry:
    • If your team won, you donate to the local food bank of the team that your team beat. If your team lost, you donate to your team’s local food bank. Donate in the amount of the final scoring margin of the game (though you can, of course, donate more or less if you feel the margin was too high or too low for what you wish to give.)
  • Sports Confession: I’ll be honest, until last night, I didn’t realize the Jayhawk was a fictional bird. I simply never thought about it.
  • As I mentioned, the ex will be taking our kids to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter later this month. Sure, no problem, have a fun time. But, I was surprised to learn she booked the trip to coincide partially into my legally agreed upon possession schedule. She booked the trip before even consulting me if I’d be willing to swap days.
  • Why does coffee make you poop? Experts explain
  • When I first saw this graphic video (you’ve been warned) of this old monk, I was shocked it was a living human being. Here’s a little of a back story on him.
  • Eerie News I overlooked back in November – Sunken WWII ‘ghost’ ships re-surface after tremors in Japan
  • How Explosions Actually KillPrimary injuries result from solely the pressures produced by an explosion, usually because of a shock wave.
  • 2022’s Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in America
    • San Francisco, CA, was determined to be the healthiest city in the US, as it ranked first among healthy food options and green spaces, followed by Seattle (WA), San Diego (CA), Portland (OR), Salt Lake City (UT), Honolulu (HI), Austin (TX), Denver (CO) South Burlington (VT) and Washington DC.
    • On average medical visits in Laredo (TX) cost the least, whereas visits in Juneau (AK) cost the most.
    • A monthly fitness-club membership costs the lowest in Glendale (AZ) and Lewiston (ME), and costs the most in New York (NY) and Juneau (AK).
    • Grand Prairie (TX) has the fewest health restaurants per capita in the country, whereas Portland (OR) has the most, followed by New York (NY) and Los Angeles (CA).
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