Bag of Randomness for April 15, 2022

  • Easter was the first real holiday I had to experience alone after the separation. It was really hard not seeing or being able to speak to my children that day. I invited the ex over to have one last Easter egg hunt for the kids at GeedingManor, but she declined. What I felt hurt the most and was exceptionally cruel was when she posted some pictures on Instagram on Good Friday with the following message. It’s the last sentence that kills me. She had the audacity to write “family is everything!” when she was literally destroying our family and was doing nothing to keep it together – not even willing to go to one counseling session or meet with our pastor. I guess it just proved a point I’ve made over the years. She never intended to start a family with me, she just wanted to add to her’s. I made a mistake post separation when I apologized to her for calling her a cold-hearted B. She’s more than lived up to it.
  • BoyGeeding had a soccer game last night. It’s weird, I feel like my ex is allowed to act like herself at these events but I’m expected to stay away from the pack of parents and quiet, otherwise I’m intruding or giving the perception that harassing her. The last thing I want to do is give her any more ammunition to make a case against me.
  • There’s one father at the soccer games who annoys the living heck out of me because he yells at his son and teammates the entire game. I guess every game has “that” dad. If he was forced to give me a nickel for every time he yelled his son’s name, I could orchestrate a hostile takeover of Twitter before Elon Musk. It really annoys me when he yells instructions at my son, who doesn’t like being put on the spot. There’s been a few times I wanted to introduce myself in a respectful and polite manner and ask him to at least stop yelling instructions to my son. I mentioned my annoyance to DaughterGeeding, and she informed me she and her brother and mother stayed in a residence on his property for several months after the separation and claimed he actually is a nice guy, just overly competitive. So, I think it was his kids I let take my dogs for a walk around the soccer field a few weeks ago. I suppose it’s just best for me to bite my lip.
  • I heard one of my favorite comedians reference this quote when talking about his divorce, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
  • Teacher would rather be redeployed to Iraq than go back to the classroom
  • Kentucky man sues employer for throwing him birthday party, and now they owe him $450K
    • According to court documents, the employee had notified the office manager that birthday parties trigger his anxiety disorder, and that “being the center of attention” will cause him to have a panic attack. The employee asked the office manager days before his birthday in August to not arrange a birthday celebration as they did for other employees.
  • Netflix, Hulu argue they aren’t ‘video service providers’ before Ohio Supreme Court
    • If the Supreme Court agrees, the streaming services would be subject to the same video service provider fees paid by cable companies. Those fees in Ohio are 5% of the companies’ gross revenues they earn in the city and go directly into city coffers. The streaming companies argued they are instead “specified digital products” under state law. Therefore, they pay state sales taxes, and Ohio would lose money if the court determines they owe the local franchise fees since they would be exempt from state sales tax under Ohio law.
  • Molly Shannon Says Gary Coleman Sexually Harassed Her: ‘He Was Relentless’
  • Woman who sued Tennessee sheriff for forcibly baptizing her is found dead
  • This may be the most entertaining baseball play of the year, and we’re only like two games into the season.
  • Alaska has one heck of a mosquito problem.
  • This German serial killer had some interesting last words before being executed by the guillotine in 1931. Thankfully, nothing bad happened in Germany after that period.  His split down the middle mummified head is currently on display at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

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