Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, March 22, 2022

  • I felt like a stud taking my kids to the batting cages the other morning and having a few series of at-bats for myself. The next morning, I felt like a 94-year-old arthritic man. I think that was the first time I’ve visited the batting cage since my spinal fusion.
  • That was an interesting storm that went through Texas yesterday. I can’t recall ever seeing a storm system so slim, long, and cover so much of our state at once. All those transplants from California and Illinois just experienced their first Texas thunder storm and tornado warning. But hey, we freak out when we feel a minor earthquake or get some snow.
  • When I took the kids to the Grand Canyon last week for spring break, I planned for the dogs to be boarded. However, even though they were up to date on their rabies shots, the facility required two additional. In a pinch, I called an old neighbor to see if he could help me out. Without hesitation, he said he’d take care of it. I also had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, which left me unable to drive myself home, and he was kind enough to drive through that crazy storm to pick me up and take me home. I tried to give him a hundred dollars for each day he watched the dogs. He drove across town three times a day to let them out and feed them, and he paid me something similar went he and his family went on vacation years ago to care after his black lab. As much as I tried, he refused to take the money, saying it just felt good to know he was just able to do a nice thing and help a friend out.
  • I recently read a pleasant story about Lou Gehrig’s wife nursing him as his youthful body succumbed to that devastating disease later named after him. It made me think of an older couple at my church. The wife is suffering from a debilitating disease, yet her husband is always by her side. Both instances reminded me of a conversation I once had with my ex in which I told her that should something like that happen to me, I have a feeling she’d be so overwhelmed she leave me. She was aghast. I guess I was more right than I thought. She wouldn’t even go to a single marital counseling session to keep our family together. Well, she certainly wouldn’t have the fortitude to care for an ailing spouse. I suppose I dodged a bullet, especially if I end up withering away from a debilitating disease. The fear of going at it alone is outweighs the fear of her possibly leaving when the going gets rough.
  • I’m still surprised about ESPN’s John Clayton’s death.
  • Maybe it was snowing, and he needed to get to Cancun, but I didn’t know as passengers, senators get special treatment – Police ‘asked to assist’ after Cruz clashes with Montana airport staff
    • “One of our Public Safety Officers was in the ticket lobby and was asked to assist with a frustrated passenger at the United ticket counter (which is not unusual),” Humphrey told Daily Mail. “Once travel options were explained to the passenger, he was rebooked and departed Bozeman later that evening. Our PSO didn’t realize he was dealing with Senator Ted Cruz until after the fact.”
  • According to Bloomberg’s Steven Dennis, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who has been in political office since 1959, will be 89 on Election Day this year and is seeking another 6-year term. Fun fact: Grassley has been in political office for more than a quarter of the time since the Declaration of Independence.
  • Jim Caviezel Emulates ‘Braveheart’ Speech to Cheering Crowd at QAnon Convention
  • It sounds like Sarah Palin may run for public office again. I always get a kick out of my Alaskan friend, who always spells the former governor’s name “Sara”. She says Palin doesn’t deserve her whole name spelled out because she didn’t serve her whole term by stepping down early.
  • I thought this show has been off the year for decades – ‘Maury’ To End After Three Decades: NBCUniversal Confirms Host’s “Bittersweet” Retirement

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