Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 21, 2022


  • Few things in life are more rewarding than being a father and spending time with your children. I had an absolute blast with my children during spring break. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the time I had with them, but dropping them off at their mother’s doesn’t get easier. I cry on the drive home every single time.
  • One time, when I dropped the kids off, I cried. As I drove off, I saw my ex wave me down. As she approached my vehicle, she noticed the tears in my eyes and asked, “Were you crying? In front of the children?” She does not know what it feels like to have your kids taken away with all communication cut off for four straight nights, not knowing the next time you will get to hear or see them.
  • Thankfully, my kids share my DNA. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have a spine.
  • I’ve lost confidence in the counselor my ex selected for our children, so I’ve arranged for our daughter to see another one I feel more comfortable with during my possession period, and at my daughter’s urging. Per the divorce decree, all I have to do is inform the other party within two hours of scheduling an appointment. The ex stated she wanted to meet with the counselor before the first appointment, so I notified her ahead of the appointment. She didn’t have time to show up for the appointment and meet with the counselor. It was more important for her to attend one of her nephew’s meaningless out-of-town baseball games and a Baylor women’s basketball game than meeting with her daughter’s new mental health profession. Mom of the year, I tell ya. Glad to see how she prioritizes her nephew over her own daughter, who has expressed thoughts of harming herself.
  • During my son’s stay, he only brought two pairs of socks. I asked him why he only brought two pair. He said that’s all he had, and he just wears them several days in a row. I asked my daughter if she knew anything about this, and said it’s been that way for a while and their mother knows there’s a sock shortage. So, I made sure to buy my boy a couple of packages of new socks over spring break. Despite knowing her son only has two pair of socks to wear for some time now, she walked into a Golden Goose shoe store when she was away and couldn’t meet with her daughter’s new counselor. This is the same mother who wouldn’t buy her daughter sliding shorts or batting gloves. At least I know how she spends the child support. She’s oblivious to the lack of care and compassion she displays.
  • I did not know Baylor was eliminated from the NCAA tournament until a few days after their loss, as I have my Twitter feed to block all things “Baylor” related.
  • The Toyota Highlander I rented to drive to Arizona had an interesting feature. It would scan for speed limit signs and display the speed limit next to the speedometer. Also, you could set the cruise control to obey the speed limit.
  • I easily tire from the time-change debate. But it was interesting driving last Saturday night to another time zone, and then to Arizona, which doesn’t follow Daylight Savings Time. If it wasn’t for my mobile phone carrier automatically updating the correct time, I wouldn’t be on time for anything.
  • I’m not sure I’m on board with this – U2 Scripted Series From J.J. Abrams in the Works at Netflix (Exclusive)‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ writer Anthony McCarten will pen the script for the series, which is currently in development at the streamer.
  • This happened back in 2017, but last night was the first I’ve seen it. All you need to do is watch first 26-seconds. It’s an amazing finish, but be sure to watch at least to the 26-second mark.

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