Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, December 16, 2020

This Is What A Zero-Star Worthy Crash Test Looks Like

If you haven’t heard of the Ka before, you can be forgiven. It’s a teeny little subcompact that, for a while, was only available in Brazil but has since expanded to be sold in India, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, and Europe. It’s the second-best selling car in Brazil after the Hyundai HB20, but the Latin New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) has a hell of a lot to say about it—and none of it particularly good.

This place sells some nice Disney and Star Wars rugs that don’t look childish or gauche.

Let the dulcet tones of Google’s Blob Opera ring in the holiday season with machine learning

Hark! The blobs sing! Or at least, they do in Google’s latest machine learning experiment, the awe-inspiring Blob Opera, which will see a chorus of four adorable, colorful blobs serenade you with spine-tingling operatic music. Drag a blob up or down, and you’ll change what pitch they sing in; drag them from side to side, and you’ll change the vowel sound. Each blob will also harmonize with the others, in what can only be described as magical.

Note: But the best part of the Blob Opera isn’t just the lovely harmonies or adorable characters — it’s the “holiday surprise” that’s activated by clicking the Christmas tree icons, which will give you the option to let the blobs sing any number of popular Christmas carols.

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