Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I was listening to the radio and noticed a commercial for a business with a name like “Southwest Widows and Siding.” The commercial stated they are experts when it comes to windows because they “only do windows.” Well, if you only do windows, maybe you should update your company’s name.

But when it comes to local business names, nothing cracks me up more than Gourmet Donuts & Water. They don’t just sell donuts; they sell gourmet donuts. And they don’t just sell gourmet donuts, but they also serve water.

I really enjoyed putting up Halloween decorations last year, but I have zero motivation to do it this year, especially since I doubt a single treat-or-tricker will walk up to our door on Halloween.

I bought a dragon steam release attachment for our Instant Pot.

One of my closest friends is hospitalized with COVID-19. Unlike the president, he doesn’t consider it a blessing.

While watching the NFL Today on Sunday, I momentarily mistook Phil Simms for Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

What’s the cost per vote to become US president?

To determine cost per winning vote, we divided the amount spent by the candidate with the total number of votes they received. These numbers don’t include any funding contributed by candidates’ respective parties or political action committees (PACs) spending on their behalf. For clarity, our simple analysis is different than the cost-per-vote metric used by some campaign strategists, which is the likelihood of changing an election outcome with a marginal vote.

iPhone 12 does not come with power charger or earbuds in the box

A Woman’s football team in Houston later signed her.

YouTuber creates real-life ‘Star Wars’ lightsaber that slices steel

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