Bag of Randomness for Monday, September 14, 2020

The LA Rams could not have chosen an uglier uniform to open their new stadium with.They looked like old tattered practice unis. Their new stadium is beautiful, but I’m surprised it only holds $70,000 for an NFL game.

I’m not a fan of all the fan noise being pumped into NFL stadiums. Some of it has been too loud.

Every school day, around mid-morning, DaughterGeeding and BoyGeeding like to take a break and go for a brief walk. I’m usually stuck on a conference call when they leave but I was able to break free and follow them on Friday. It was nice to see that as they cross the street, they always hold hands. I doubt this continues for much longer, so I’m trying to cherish it while I still can.

I’ve used a kneeling office chair for the last four or five years. It was cheapest version I could find on Amazon as I just wanted to experiment using one for a full workday. Overall, I like it, but the padding in is cheap. I’ve tried to modify it a few times by pulling the fabric staples out and replacing the padding with an old memory foam pillow. It was better, but still didn’t cut it. I found one with much better padding on Amazon, but thought I’d try Craigslist. Lucky me, there was one for sale and it was less than three miles from GeedingManor, but the man selling it set an odd price. I talked him down to $65.

How a mysterious man fooled a Harvard scholar into believing the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ was real

You can modify that headline to apply to a few other stories this year.

  • “How a mysterious man fooled Liberty University into believing the pool boy cuckolding your wife is a virtue.”
  • “How a mysterious man fooled Evangelicals into believing he’s a Christian president”

Today’s dose of capitalism run amok – Louis Vuitton Launches $961 Covid Face Shields

A World War II veteran will get his final wish to have Juicy Fruit-themed casket

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