Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, August 12, 2020

With just a day to spare, I renewed the domain name for this website. I came close not doing it and moving everything from this domain to the domain, which I also own and currently redirects to this website. But in the end, “BagOfNothing” is just a part of my life, even if I don’t have a t-shirt for it. One oddity did happen. Upon renewal on GoDaddy, I saw a message which said, “A copy of this receipt has been sent to” I recall seeing that a few years ago when I last renewed my hosting account, but when I called in to inquire about it they said they couldn’t find anything on their end and I couldn’t find it on any of my account pages. I decided to call again and this time an agent was able to walk me through to the screen in which that email address appeared. The agent looked through my history to see if anything looked out of place, thankfully it didn’t, so I updated the password and set up two-factor authentication.

A woman is stunned when her new driver’s license came back with a picture of an empty chair

Hamilton Was Watched By More People In July Than Anything On NetflixLin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton is the most viewed title in July triumphing over all Netflix titles with over twice as many viewers.

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