Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 25, 2020

You can replace any Confederate statue with one of Michael Flynn, trade one traitor for another. He only pleaded guilty, twice.

It is utterly amazing this man is still married to Kellyanne Conway.

South Dakota Gov. Noem vows to protect Mt. Rushmore: We won’t stand for ‘radical rewriting of history’

This isn’t directly related to this story, but more times than not, the folks worried about any rewriting of U.S. history have already fallen for some sort of biased rewrite or just want to protect a narrative. It’s happened to me many times and it takes a lot of work to figure out what may cloud your judgment and assessment. A lot of folks have no idea there are any clouds at all, and many prefer living in the clouds.

If President Trump loses the election, I can totally see him resigning and not completely finishing his term reasoning why do such a thing if everything is rigged anyway.

This is an interesting photo the First Lady tweeted yesterday.

I can only imagine what it would be like reading this article as a resident of Flint, Michigan, which isn’t even mentioned.

The GuardianRevealed: millions of Americans can’t afford water as bills rise 80% in a decade

Exclusive analysis of 12 US cities shows the combined price of water and sewage increased by an average of 80% between 2010 and 2018, with more than two-fifths of residents in some cities living in neighbourhoods with unaffordable bills.

In the first nationwide research of its kind, our findings reveal the painful impact of America’s expanding water poverty crisis as aging infrastructure, environmental clean-ups, changing demographics and the climate emergency fuel exponential price hikes in almost every corner of the US.

Yesterday, the TICKET’s morning show fill-ins were wondering if music could be played as a baby is delivered. Heck, I had my entire U2 collection set to random when my kids were born because I wanted their first exposure to music be to the most significant band in my life. In case you were wondering, DaughterGeeding was born to Jesus Christ and BoyGeeding to Staring at the Son. Neither is a particular favorite (the songs, not the kids).

Here’s a headline no North Texan ever thought he or she would see – Addison’s Kaboom Town fireworks moved to an undisclosed location, to be live-streamed online

I can’t identify a single song from the Old 97’s, but there was a lot of buzz about their new album cover. Frankly, it brings back bad memories of the Quincy Carter years because a buddy and I used to make fun at all the jump-passes Carter would make.

Electrify America’s first cross-country EV charging route is complete

Taking a cross-country roadtrip in your electric vehicle is a little more feasible thanks to Electrify America. Its first coast to coast EV fast charging route is now complete, and the company plans to have another route finished by September. The routes provide high-powered chargers to all EV brands, and on average, the stations are spaced about 70 miles apart, so EV owners can travel beyond a single charge without being stranded.

Twitter posts reveal rapid politicization of COVID-19 issue in U.S. Congress.Using AI, researchers could correctly classify the political party of the member who sent each COVID tweet 76 percent of the time, based only on the text of the tweet and the date it was sent.

A musing from a friend: If Hillary Clinton was president today would Jeffress and Fallwell claim that the Coronavirus was a plague sent by God to punish our country because of our transgressions?

Yes, definitely.

I think if you asked Americans should there be tributes to the person who was responsible for killing the most Americans in history, most would say certainly not. But if you revealed to them that person was Robert E. Lee, then some of them would instantly be okay with it.

Interesting line – “The idea was to create an enormous work of art to celebrate democracy and use America as an example to restore liberty in France.”

Random tidbit: When Ulysses S. Grant visited France after his presidency, he saw the Statue of Liberty being built.

Our most venerated monuments represent a mythology. While we may hope the statue represents our highest aspirations of what America can and should be. It also can be a reminder of where and how far we fall short.

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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 25, 2020

  1. Ben W. says:

    Thank you for posting the Ken Burns piece; it was powerful and moving. And a sobering reminder that–never having even considered the Statue of Liberty in that framework, in that context–I possess privilege. I try to live my life with love for all people. But “loving everyone” means nothing if I don’t stop and try to understand life through their lens. Because “loving everyone” without attempting to understand their journey is nothing more than modern-day white colonialism; it’s me interjecting myself into their experience and expecting gratitude for the “good” that I’ve brought them. Thanks, Keith, for helping me grow today.

  2. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    1. Since Chuck E. Cheese has filed for bankruptcy reorganization, does this mean that they may actually improve their pizza now? We can hope.

    2. More and more, I have come to believe that Kellyanne Conway is in it for the money/fame. She is not a Trump True Believer and its all a charade. Only thing that makes sense.

    3. The autistic mathematician investment guy (can’t remember his name) that foresaw the housing crash and won big by selling short has now put big money in water rights investments. That should give us all a chill.

    4. Fireworks at an undisclosed location? My buddies and I did that repeatedly over four decades ago in the country. Find deserted section of road. Set up fireworks. Light it off. Admire explosion. Quickly drive away at conclusion. Avoid police. Now Addison is doing the same thing on a municipal scale. We were ahead of our time. ha.

  3. Kathy says:

    Very smart and insightful post today. Keep it up.

  4. wordkyle says:

    Flynn is a “traitor?”
    You recently chided me for my sharp tone when making my point. I can go into the defense of Flynn as a victim rather than a traitor, but staying on topic — with your observation of my tone, might you reconsider yours?

    • Geeding says:

      Mr. wordkle –

      I’m sorry that I came across as chiding you. It appears I failed at my attempt to reply back in a manner that was respectful and friendly. I’ll work on that. Though, I’d like to try to offer some perspective on why I don’t think your observation is a just comparison. See, when you or anyone else leaves a comment, I’m led to believe that the comment is either directed at me or just a general statement to no one in particular. Of course, the context in the comment plays a large role, and some times I simply can’t tell, but I tend to think any comment left on this website is directed solely at me since I’m the author. But when I make a Bag of Randomness post, my musings aren’t directed anyone unless specifically addressed. I’m mainly talking to the wind, to a general audience, I’m not writing or addressing anyone in particular. So, if I sound like I’m upset or in a bad mood, that is, my tone comes across as negative, none of my readers should think I’m specifically addressing them. But, if you or anyone else leaves a comment, friendly or one which has some edge, I automatically assume it’s directed at me. Personal criticism is hard to take, at least it is for me, and sometimes my feelings simply get hurt. But I know I have to own it, accept that if I’m willing to put my thoughts out there and if I’m going to leave the comments settings on that criticism will come my way.

      As always, thanks for taking the time to comment and provide me some perspective and feedback. You doing so allows me to better understand I can’t simply assume things. I have a lot of learning to do.

      • wordkyle says:

        Please understand, your chiding was the most gentle I’ve ever received, and I accepted it in the spirit with which it was given. You clarified something for me, however. I had assumed that a response with the same tone and sharpness as your comment was appropriate, and it is not. Let me clarify something: I never intended to attack you as a person. Maybe something you said, or a stance you took. If ever it seemed otherwise, that’s poor communication on my part, and I apologize.

        Having said that, Flynn was a victim of conniving within the Obama administration, and the list of connivers goes pretty high.

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