Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I don’t see how some businesses are going to survive once this pandemic is over, especially shopping malls that were already hanging on a thread.

The real punishment for Joe Exotic is being able to have all the fame and press he ever wanted but he can’t watch the series which brought it to him.

Austin ISD Is Rolling Out 110 Buses Equipped With Wi-Fi For Neighborhoods With Limited Online Access

The Civil War epic, Gone With The Wind was released on January 17, 1940. The last day of the Civil War was on April 9, 1865. That time span is 74 years, 9 months, and 8 days.

Today is April 15, 2020.  The time span between the release of Gone With The Wind and today is 80 years, 2 months, and 29 days.

Gone With The Wind‘s premiere is now closer in time to the Civil War than the present day. And as someone who has a high appreciation for classic cinema, I have no idea why I haven’t watched it.

The Treasury Department has ordered President Trump’s name be printed on stimulus checks the Internal Revenue Service is rushing to send to tens of millions of Americans, a process that is expected to slow their delivery by several days, senior agency officials said.

The unprecedented decision, finalized late Monday, means that when recipients open the $1,200 paper checks the IRS is scheduled to begin sending to 70 million Americans in coming days, “President Donald J. Trump” will appear on the left side of the payment.

It will be the first time a president’s name appears on an IRS disbursement, whether a routine refund or one of the handful of checks the government has issued to taxpayers.

What would happen if I tried to explain what’s happening now to the January 2020 version of myself? might like this simply because it references the Butterfly Effect.

– “I think the Australian wildfires are gonna be the defining feature of 2020.”
– “Yeah… not even a little bit.”

Navarro knocks ’60 Minutes’ over coronavirus coverage: ‘This is like the fake news stuff’

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro slammed “60 Minutes” for its coverage of the coronavirus pandemic in an interview with the CBS show while defending the Trump administration over claims of not being prepared to respond to it.

Navarro challenged Whitaker to show him a 60 Minutes episode from the Obama administration or George W. Bush administration with a report about a potential global pandemic.

“Show me the 60 Minutes episode a year ago, two years ago or during the Obama administration, during the Bush administration, that said, ‘Hey a global pandemic [is] coming, you got to do XYZ and by the way, we would shut down the entire global economy to fight it,’” Navarro said.

“Show me that episode, then you’ll have some credence in terms of attacking the Trump administration for not being prepared,” Navarro added.

60 Minutes’ response:

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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 15, 2020

  1. Nathan Hart says:

    That video “explaining the pandemic to my past self” is hilarious. I’ve watched it three times! Also, imagine if President Obama ordered for his name to be printed on stimulus checks. Republicans would have lost their miiiiinds over it.

  2. RPM says:

    The bubble of reality this current ilk of Republicans display is horrific. I wish the ghost of Barry Goldwater would appear and punch each one square in the mouth.

  3. Bryan B. says:

    Totally agree with your point on business survival. This is a recovery that will take years, not months, and some businesses will never recover.

    I’ve seen Gone With the Wind, but only in high school in a class taught by a coach that showed movies that he thought were relevant to his teaching subject. I’ll admit that I only gave it about a tenth of my attention. Other movies that he showed that I can remember were Journey to the Center of the Earth, Logan’s Run, and Cool Hand Luke. I’ll let you try to figure out the subject of the class.

    If Obama, in the course of 3 days, declared his authority on anything total and insisted his signature be on stimulus checks, I’m pretty sure Fox News would have exploded into a vaporous cloud of bullshit. (pardon the language)

  4. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Amen, RPM.

    And my personal hero, the ghost of the late great Senator Everett Dirkson, would return to administer a followup kick to the crotch region, male or female, for good measure.

  5. Chelsea Nolan says:


    I came across the satellite meme picture on Reddit and did reverse search and landed here. Is this photoshopped I’m so embarrassed to ask such a dumb question.

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