Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 30, 2020

I’m not saying this is happening to WifeGeeding, and I’m not saying it’s not, but I don’t understand why some parents would allow their child to get on a video chat in nothing but their underwear.

I saw on Twitter that some Parker County restaurants will place tables and chairs in their parking lots to stay in compliance with social distancing rules and maximize customers. That’s innovative but I suppose it only helps if there’s shade or if the sun is down.

Coronavirus: Chinese students return to class with ‘1-meter hats’ to practice social distancing

The 2021 Oscars Could Be the Weirdest Oscars Ever

Since movie theaters are closed, that means the minimum standard for Oscar eligibility—a one-week run in a theater in L.A.—is totally off the table. According to the Hollywood Reporter, there’s a new plan in place that’s way more workable given the new normal: “Films that were scheduled for theatrical release, that meet the other eligibility requirements and that are made available for Academy members to view on the organization’s members-only streaming service,

I wish Mike Judge would make a 20-minute version of his film Idiocracy which focuses solely on the coronavirus.

Kentucky governor apologized to a man named Tupac Shakur, after using him as an example of a fake unemployment claim

CompuBox Counted All Of Rocky Balboa’s Stats—The Results Are Hilarious

But since there’s currently no live boxing to discuss, CompuBox’s Dan Canobbio, the son of founder Bob Canobbio, charted all the punches thrown and landed in the first four Rocky movies.

  • In the first Creed vs. Balboa fight in the original Rocky, a fight Creed narrowly won by decision, Creed landed 25 punches, including an unheard 84% percent of his jabs, on Balboa in the first round. Balboa landed only three punches in the first round and only threw one overall in the first two minutes of the fight.
  • The stats grew even more ridiculous for the rematch in Rocky II. According to CompuBox, Creed outlanded Balboa 61-7 in the first round, including 26 straight shots to open the fight. By the end of the second round, Creed’s punch advantage had grown to 92-37.
  • In the final match worked by Canobbio, Balboa vs. Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, the dreaded Drago somehow managed to find Balboa’s face and/or body on 61 of the 72 punches he threw in the first three minutes. But after taking tons of punishment, Balboa finished the fight by landing 36 of 37 total punches in the 15th round and shockingly knocking out the Russian giant.

30.61 miles total – How Far Did Rocky Go in His Training Run in ‘Rocky II’?

Somewhat related, Philadelphia does have its own Rocky Run set for this November.

This is your shot – a chance to join thousands of runners from around the world in Philadelphia for the official Rocky Run 5K, 10 Mile & 13.1 Italian Stallion Challenge. So, channel your inner Rocky Balboa, register, and show the world you can go the distance.

What a 1944 Starvation Experiment Reveals About 2020 Food InsecurityEven brief food restriction can have long-lasting effects

The experiment began in November 1944. Thirty-six young men, each thoroughly vetted for physical health and mental soundness, entered a laboratory beneath the football stadium of the University of Minnesota in order to be starved. A year later, 32 walked out, changed men in a changed world.

The landmark study, now known as the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, was conceived by physiologist Ancel Keys at the height of World War II. With support from the U.S. Army, Keys intended to study the effects of starvation to help guide relief efforts among the famished populations of Europe and Asia. In the end, it served a very different purpose. Today, 75 years later, Keys’ study informs the treatment of eating disorders and highlights the consequences of diet cycling — two issues endemic to postwar America more than anywhere else.

  • Mealtimes grew tense as each man developed his own strange eating habits. Some gobbled down the food as fast as possible, while others lingered over every precious morsel, chewing in slow motion and infuriating their tablemates. They “souped” meals with water to make them feel more filling and licked their plates clean.
  • What confounded Keys was that those effects continued — worsened, in fact — after the starvation phase ended. As Keys slowly increased their calories, the men seemed even more agitated and obsessed with food. Four had already been dismissed from the experiment for cheating. One confessed to eating garbage for months.
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  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    I knew Tupac wasn’t really dead. And neither is Biggie.

    And I saw Elvis two months ago in a Cracker Barrel in Ft. Worth. He was having the Country Boy Breakfast with ham.

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