Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 18, 2020

I think it’s really cool how some grocery stores are opening with “Senior Hours”, a time set aside only for senior citizens. Finally, it’s acceptable to segregate. The arc of the moral universe is long, but look at it bend.  (Just trying to add a little humor, folks.)

I have a feeling that Vote By Mail is going to have some record numbers in the November election.

Serious question. With Biden and Bernie at a higher risk for being infected with COVID-19, what would happen if both of them died before the convention? I guess it will be like old times and party delegates would pick one out at the convention.

Josh Gad and Amy Adams are reading children’s books on social media to support families who are home from school – These celebrities are sharing videos of themselves reading kids’ books to help families who are stuck at home due to the coronavirus

Sports cancellations leave vasectomy patients without planned March Madness binge options

Alcohol-free sanitizer given to prisoners to prevent them from making ‘moonshine’

Once we can all become social again, if you are looking for something different to so in the Dallas area, may I suggest armored combat at Warlord Combat Academy? They also offer a winged sabre historical fencing class.

Have fun learning Hungarian military sabre and fokos (long-hafted axe).  Learn what makes a curved sword different than a straight one, and how to maximize the advantages and limitations of both.  Cross-training with a variety of historical western weapons as appropriate

Learn how to fight with a Single Saber and graduate to Dual-wielding, Staves or Cross-guard Sabers from accredited instructors!

A compilation of clips showing the severity of the frost heaves on East Conway Road, New Hampshire.

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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 18, 2020

  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    My bet is no Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

    On a parallel thought, do you remember Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six book where domestic ecological terrorists attempted to disseminate a deadly ebola-like virus at an Australia hosted Summer Olympics? Hard to separate works of fiction from reality these days.

  2. RPM says:

    OK, you just broke my brain with that puzzle.

  3. Dawn says:


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