Bag of Randomness for Thursday, February 20, 2020

I appreciate those of you who commented on my questions about convicted sex offenders, their involvement and employment in the church, and forgiveness. As I mentioned, I’m not necessarily looking for the right answer, I just like to have some theological back and forth. Several of you support the idea of “forgive but don’t forget” but I think that overlooks the calling to be Christ-like. Protestants interpret God and Jesus as the same (let’s not forget the Holy Spirit), and the Bible tells us that God will not only forgive our sins but forget them as well (in a sense, all three support this). So, in the quest to be Christ-like, it appears that the church should not only forgive but also forget.

I don’t favor any answer which states certain things like this are impossible at the human level but possible at the deity level because I’ve been taught that God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle (and that interpretation can certainly be debated) (now I’m reminded of LiberallyLean’s mention of “Baptist guilt” for some reason). Certainly, from a worldly moral and legal standpoint doing so should be a no-no, but it seems like something the church “should” do. I’ll tell you this much, I certainly don’t want to be put in such a position to have to make such a decision. But I am glad I take the time to think these sorts of things over rather than settling for an answer which sounds good. As you can tell, I’m more interested in having the discussion than having the answer, it’s sort like the journey is better than the destination kinda thing.

DaughterGeeding has been binge-watching The Simpsons (Yes, I already know I’m a bad parent) and she made the observation that only two characters have eyebrows – Smithers and Milhouse.

Anytime I hear someone use the word “stake” or “mistake” I immediately think of a scene in Duece Bigalow in which a woman asks, “Did you stay steak?” But when I hear someone use the word “steak” I only think of steak.

I think our government can come up with a better title for the role of undersecretary.

If you are running for office and happen to be extremely wealthy but won’t release your tax records, or older and won’t release your medical records, there’s something you don’t want people to know.

I don’t know how fast President Trump and his limo traveled going around the Daytona 500 race track, but I think that might have been the fastest the public has seen a presidential limo go since the JFK assassination.

I replaced the four fluorescent bulb light fixture in our kitchen yesterday. I never did like that light, the cold glow always reminded me of the opening scene in Joe vs. The Volcano. The new fixture looks much better, like something which belongs in a home and not in an office or shop. It’s LED and much brighter and allows me to change the color temperature. Upon turning it on for the first time (yes, I did the Clark Griswold “Joy to the world”) I asked myself why didn’t I do this earlier. Then it dawned upon me, oh, yeah, LEDs like this haven’t really been available or affordable until recently.

These Lyrics Do Not ExistLyrics generated using Artificial Intelligence

Wait for it, this woman has some amazing leg and ab strength. Also, that dude in the backpack must have been in a hurry.

Larry Tesler, the computer scientist responsible for cut, copy, and paste, has passed away.

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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Thursday, February 20, 2020

  1. Alan says:

    So if they’re hiding something by not releasing Medical & Tax records, does that also apply if someone went to Court to seal College records?

  2. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Word of the Day: OBLIVIOUS

    The Backpack Guy is just plain oblivious.

    PS – A pure gold blog posting today, Keith, from start to finish. Every item is thought provoking, entertaining, and informative. Thank you.

    PPS – Your thought about the trend to not being open and honest in the disclosure of candidate & elected official backgrounds made me think of the following quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero:

    “The evil was not in bread and circuses, per se, but in the willingness of the people to sell their rights as free men for full bellies and the excitement of games which would serve to distract them from the other human hungers which bread and circuses can never appease.”

  3. ALEC666 says:

    I would not want a child rapist anywhere my children; therefore I would not want him anywhere your children. Children are an integral part of the church, the child’s innocence reflects the pureness of human kind and an extension of God himself.
    I would not invite evil within this sacred place.

  4. RPM says:

    I didn’t watch the race, but unless things have changed pit road speed is 55 mph and pace car speed is 70 @ Daytona.

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