Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 29, 2020

DaughterGeeding decided to start a newspaper for her classroom. The first edition has articles about current school events, the former headmaster visiting the campus, and comics. She had WifeGeeding print enough copies for everyone in her class.

I miss Andy Rooney complaining about random things.

I bought these at the grocery store yesterday and now I’m diabetic. I didn’t even take a bite, it happened by osmosis.

I have Kobe fatigue and his and his daughter’s funeral haven’t been planned yet.

West Virginia governor urges unhappy Virginia counties to secede and join his state

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) encouraged Virginia counties unhappy with the Democratic-controlled government in Richmond to secede from the state and join his.

“If you’re not happy where you’re at, come on down,” Justice said reportedly said at a Tuesday press conference with Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. “If you’re not truly happy where you are, we stand with open arms to take you from Virginia or anywhere you may be. We stand strongly behind the Second Amendment, and we stand strongly for the unborn.”

I had no idea BYU has its own creamery or that it was famous.

Romney busted for bringing ‘contraband’ BYU chocolate milk bottle to impeachment trial

There are two beverages senators are allowed to bring onto the Senate floor — water and milk.

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney was busted by a colleague for bringing his own bottle of chocolate milk. Bottles are not allowed.

That chocolate milk comes from Brigham Young University’s Creamery, which is famous for its ice cream and milk products. BYU is Romney’s alma mater.

Romney left to the Republican cloakroom and returned with the chocolate milk in a glass, the Wall Street Journal reported.

She says, we’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got
It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not
We’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love
We’ll give it a shot

DOJ Assistant AG Apologizes to Judge After Illegally Practicing Law for a Couple of Months

Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey B. Clark stopped paying his dues to remain in good standing with the federal bar in October of last year—an oversight he discovered on December 9, 2019, according to a two-page letter submitted with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

US colleges are trying to install location tracking apps on students’ phonesSupposedly an easier way to track attendance

Barely over a year ago, we pointed out how dystopian it seemed when Chinese schools added “smart uniforms” to track their students’ attendance. But US colleges are already testing out a similar tactic with a location tracking app, which students are now apparently expected to install on their phones.

I say “apparently” because there’s some confusion over whether the schools are actually forcing this on their students. The Kansas City Star reported that at the University of Missouri, new students “won’t be given a choice” of whether to install the SpotterEDU app, which uses Apple’s iBeacons to broadcast a Bluetooth signal that can help the phone figure out whether a student is actually in a room.

I think Tim Tebow would make a good coach on The Biggest Loser.

We Owe Food Regulation to a 19th-Century Chemist Who Poisoned His Colleagues
The Poison Squad, as they became known, was a group of men who willingly consumed dangerous substances to force the government into consumer protections

Impeachment came up frequently when talking to Texas voters. Most were fatigued by it all, but those paying close attention defied party stereotypes. For our Three Meals series, Major Garrett traveled across the Lone Star state to speak with voters about the president and the 2020 election.

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  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    So if my phone is in class (according to an app), I am in class? I think I saw something like this in a related technology sort of way in the old Val Kilmer movie, Real Genius. A reel-to-reel tape machine was playing the professor’s lecture in his absence to a room full of student tape recorders, placed there in the absence of all the students.

    Maybe we are close to micro-chipping everyone at birth just to eliminate any doubt of who is where and when.

  2. RPM says:

    Congrats to Daughter Geeding for her journalistic endeavors! But wouldn’t one of her parents point out the old-timeyness of a newspaper and help her create a webpage everyone could download? Just a thought.

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