Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I’m trying something new, instead of bullet points I’m using a line for thought/subject separation.

Longtime readers will recall I had a severe case of hiccups which lasted three days. Well, it happened again last week and it was hell. I actually still have them, but they come and go from minutes to several hours at a time. The doctor prescribed a cocktail of medicine but it makes me sleepy which makes it hard to work.

On last night’s Wheel of Fortune, Vanna welcomed Pat Sajak’s daughter who revealed the letters. That was kinda neat. I believe Jeopardy! will air during prime time tonight with the top champion

“It’s not their first rodeo.” – Actually, it will be for the new Dickies Arena. This photo caught my attention. My imagination says it’s all a giant spider web.

Mike Rhyner, the founder of The TICKET, decided to retire. He did it with no fanfare or telling anyone, but did leave a message to the listeners. Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Morning News (and the station) has the exclusive.

Rhyner was responsible for the return music and would always tweet the list after the show.

Not only was I impressed with the level of detail, but the artistic filming and score is top level.

I prefer eating the edge or outside of a cookie than the center, same for brownies, but not cake.

A friend used the word “schadenfreude” in an email. I had to look it up to learn not only the meaning but how to say it.

We’re doing some remodeling which includes new floors. The kids saw that I used a Sharpie to mark some dimensions of a kitchen island and asked if they could draw on the tile. Since the tile will be scraped up and taken to the dump, I told them to know themselves out.

When I demoed the old kitchen island I found a bunch of bullet casings or shells. Please forgive me if I’m using the wrong terminology, I’m ignorant when it comes to most things weapon-related. Here are some photos if you are interested. Of course, we’ve made up a lot of stories of how they got there.


We also found a lot of trash from the builders. For instance, there was a 1996 Pepsi can you could use to get a discount at Sea World in San Antonio. I guess it’s common for home builders to toss trash inside walls and such. I’ve found trash hidden in other places in the house that only the builder could have accessed.

Recently, we watched a movie at the “CUT! by Cinemark” in Frisco. By far, it’s the nicest movie theater I’ve ever been to.

The Ultimate Guide to Hiking in DallasA guide for where to find a short hike versus long, how to traverse unmarked territory, what you can expect to see, and more.

It’s quite interesting that the evening and nightly CBS11 newscast didn’t lead with the Dallas Cowboys new head story. I want to say the story was slotted about seven or ten stories down.

A smart running shoe insole detects your gait to offer coaching advice


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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, January 7, 2020

  1. David Bryant says:

    You probably figured it out, but the bullet casings are likely related to that orange blob in the third bullet. When ‘nailing’ into concrete you can use these tools that fire a 22 cartridge to set the nail (

    But I am quite confident that you came up with much better stories.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe that kind if caliber is used to drive material into concrete

  3. Anonymous says:

    The casings you found are for a tool called a Ramset, they are similar to the loads used in a starters pistol. They are used for attaching wood to concrete etc. We built homes for 45 years, the builder of your house was a pig if we had found any of our subs hiding trash in hidden areas they would have been fired on the spot. Good luck with the remodel. We did our kitchen 5 years ago, after you decide what you are going to do stay away from Pinterest, it will introduce you to ideas you never thought of.

  4. Ben W. says:

    I like the new format – visually clean, easy to read, and a great way to delineate between thoughts/stories. Well done!

    We’ve built a couple of houses and watched closely through entire building process. We have seen trash left in places that would be hidden eventually (e.g., in the kitchen island, under stairs, etc.), but both builders cleaned those areas up before putting up the drywall. I think what you’ve encountered is probably atypical.

  5. Ben W. says:

    Forgot to ask in my previous comment – at the Cut! Cinemark, are all the theaters like Alamo Drafthouse, with a full menu, wait staff, etc.? I prefer just a regular movie theater (with the reclining seats, though), not a restaurant/theater experience, so I’ve just kept going to the Cinemark in West Plano even though this one is much closer.

  6. RPM says:

    Cool Story Bro time. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I was a young street urchin intern for Belo working at Communications Center for the WFAA-AM 570 traffic reporter. Our office was in an electrical closet directly across the hall from Studio G the KZEW Mothership. I met all the staff including John LaBella, John Rody and one Michael Rhyner. They were genuinely nice guys, but they were always busy. Years later when I heard Rhyner was starting The Ticket I was a Day 1 P1. Sad to see him step away, but he’s more than earned it and he did it in style.

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