Bag of Randomness for The First Post of the 2020s

  • Greetings. Happy new year, and to a greater extent, a happy new decade. May the 20s be roaring and not end in an economic depression this time around.┬áThere’s some debate when a decade begins and ends when examined from technical, scientific, historic, and pop-culture perspectives. Usually, I’m technically and scientifically minded, but in this case, I lean in the direction of pop-culture.
  • It’s odd for a Cowboys fan watching the Saints and Vikings play in a playoff game. The Saints are coached by a former Cowboys offense assistant and the Vikes by a former Cowboys defense assistant. Either way, the Cowboys don’t play as much after the regular season as their former assistants do.
  • Note: The following was posted before I learned Jason Garrett would not return as the Cowboys head coach.
    I’m a bit puzzled as to why football fans are questioning the way Jerry Jones is handling the head coaching position. Jason Garrett is under contract until mid-January. Simply, an employee’s contract is about to expire and the employer is weighing his options to renew/extend the existing employment contract or let it expire. Part of this process includes exploring other options and interviewing potential candidates and considering what they have to offer. It’s not dissimilar to my line of work. The government awards a contract to a company for work to be performed. As the contract nears its expiration, the company will decide if it wants to continue the work and make their case to the government. The government will also decide if they want to continue the working relationship but will also explore other offers.
  • I believe humans are born with 20 baby teeth. DaughterGeeding lost her 20th yesterday, so I guess she’s all done.
  • This video (qued for you at a particular spot) of voice actress scamming a scammer was popular yesterday, she sounds exactly like the automated voice operator.
  • Robin Williams’s Daughter Gets Sweet Surprise From Disney Character Filter On Instagram
  • Rural America set to lose political power after 2020 census
  • When I ran across that pic at the top of this post a flood of memories, and I mean a flood of memories, rushed through me.
  • Bosch’s virtual visor eliminates sun glare without blocking your viewIt uses facial recognition AI to identify when the sun is in your eyes.
  • A moment of tenderness from the Australian wildfires.
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