Bag of Randomness for Monday, December, 23, 2019

  • What an interesting weekend for those of us born in the Seventies and grew up in the Eighties. There was the finale of the Starwalker saga with the release of the new Star Wars movie and then we got to witness Eddie Murphy’s return to Saturday Night Live. If there were ever a weekend to recapture the past, this was it. I feel a bit like Ebenezer Scrooge visiting Christmas past and present.
  • If you didn’t set out of this world expectations for either Star Wars or Eddie Murphy and simply tried to enjoy the moment and be thankful these events actually came to fruition, you had a good time.
  • We watched a bit of the Texas high school football championship game between North Shore and Duncanville at my in-laws. One of my in-laws follows high school and college football very closely, but he kept telling everyone how Duncanville had a “true freshman quarterback” which perplexed me but I tried to let it pass. About the fourth time, I had to question him about it. I started off saying I don’t follow high school football and still adjusting to 5A no longer being the top-tier of school size, but didn’t understand what was a “true freshman quarterback” verses “non-true freshman quarterback.” He realized his flub, that he was confusing college and high school, and we all had a good laugh.
  • My neighbor, the widower, is dating the widow of the neighborhood, and he called with an interesting request for assistance recently. They found hidden cameras in her house, which were hidden in the smoke detectors. He asked if I’d come over and help them find any other possible hidden cameras and wanted to lean on my knowledge on such things. He tends to think I’m a techie and really resourceful, and was wondering if I had an app or device to help. I politely suggested they contact the police who would actually have the proper resources which would provide peace of mind that all monitoring devices were found.
  • You know one group I have heard about in a while, Anonymous (don’t confuse them for Wikileaks, Eric Snowden, or the author of a recently published book about the current White House administration.) I have a tremendous amount of fearful respect for them. I’d figure with Trump, Russia, Epstein, and everything else, you’d be hearing a lot from them. Maybe they like being below radar.
  • For some reason, I can vividly remember sitting in Mrs. Andrews’ fourth-grade class and her teaching me the meaning of a palindrome using “radar” as an example. And if I had my druthers, “palindrome” itself would be a palindrome.
  • Not enough people use “druthers”.
  • I like to use the word “swell”. I’ll use it in reply when someone is asking how I’m doing and things are going okay. However, I am one of those who like to be truthful when it comes to that question. If someone asks how I’m doing, I don’t pass it off as an unregarded greeting,
  • Two commercials which have been getting on my nerves because they are overplayed: (1.) The Old Navy commercial with Neil Patrick Harris about wrapping/rapping and (2.) the Amazon “Everybody” commercial with the little girl playing a toy piano.
  • A sentence I never thought I’d read was in this article about the possible location of the future Trump Presidential Library – “Vanilla Ice ran it by Donald Jr.”
  • This kickoff return in one of the state championship games got a lot of attention. When I was in a sophomore in high school, we ran this play about eighty-percent of the time and I think it worked zero-percent. It was called “starburst” but a lot of the fathers in the stands called it “panty-ball” since it never worked. In my freshman year of football, we played a team that ran that kickoff return every time. It was well scouted and we practiced all week on how to properly defend it. The freshman football coach was the head basketball coach and was doing double duty most of the time (actually, he just focused on basketball during that time of the year when seasons overlap), so the assistant coach had us all prepared for it, and we were confident. Basically, we just squibbed kicked it and made sure the main return man didn’t get the ball to start trickery. Come game time, the head basketball coach shows up, the first time he was with us all week. We were about to kickoff and the assistant coach told us to do what we’ve been practicing all week. However, the head basketball interjected, pulling rank, and told the team to kick it straight down the middle. We did, and they returned it for a touchdown. I bet a lot of enlisted military men, NCOs in particular, have experienced this with officers.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, December, 23, 2019

  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    I always knew Vanilla Ice was destined for great things. Now advisor to Presidents. haha.

    ice, ice, baby!

  2. RPM says:

    I’d definitely be calling the cops if I found hidden cameras in my house. Talk about creepy.

  3. Bryan B. says:

    Curious to hear your thoughts on Star Wars and Eddie Murphy on SNL. I went into both with measured expectations and was surprisingly pleased with both. Star Wars wasn’t perfect but it was the best of this set of 3 and a nice wrap for this storyline. Eddie was pretty good on SNL. Gumby was easily the high point and the holiday baking skit was good. The only miss for me was Velvet Jones on Black Jeopardy. It just felt really forced.

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