Bag of Randomness for Thursday, January 9, 2019


I’m still battling chronic hiccups and an upper respiratory infection. My apologies for the lack of posts.

I’d like to think one measure of a head football coach’s success is that he left the program better than he found it. With that benchmark in mind, I’m not sure if Jason Garrett passes that test. But man, how lucky was he to coach the team he wanted for a full decade. You shouldn’t feel sorry for the man, he got his chance. When I look at former Baylor coach Matt Rule, he certainly left the program in better shape than he found it. Some fans feel like he’s been looking for a way out since he arrived, but I’d like to respectfully disagree. If I have my facts right, he never sought out any offers, they came to him. He was so well regarded, he didn’t need to look for anything, he just had to entertain offers.

I see a lot of my fellow P1s are concerned about a disturbance in the force, with the retirement of the Old Grey Wolf. Us humans aren’t used to adjusting to things we expect to always be there. I’ll say his announcement didn’t affect me. We all saw it was coming, and his Irish exit wasn’t any surprise. As for me, well, after both with the death of both of my parents far in the rearview mirror, the loss of a few close relationships, seeing death come for several college friends, greats retiring and fade away, sacred buildings collapsed, traditions end (Texas vs. Texas A&M) experiencing what it’s like for the Rangers to be one out from their only World Series title, and 25 years of no new additional Lombardi trophies being added to the Cowboys’ mantle place – man, you just get used to major change, roll with the punches, and learn that time doesn’t care and it easily moves on. Nothing is sacred, you just have to appreciate what you have at the moment and realize it can be gone in a second. What’s true and constant is that things will never be the same, no matter how hard you try to keep it that way. It’s one reason why I think traditions are stupid. Yes, I’ll be bold enough to be blunt enough to state it. So what if they are gone? There’s still oxygen in the air (for now) and life and time carry on. It’s different, but that’s not a bad thing. Cherish what was and what you have, learn to embrace not change, but simply the passing of time. 200 years from now, more than likely, no one is going to remember you even existed and your sacred Christmas tree ornament which has been on every year since you were four has long ago been tossed in the trash pile.

This grandma can get down on the drums. Skip to the 43-second mark if you just to see and hear her playing. I think at the 1:35 mark she starts to feel comfortable and her facial expression starts to slightly change to “concentrate” to “comfortable” to “fun”.

I have one of those “I’m halfway serious” theories. Trump is doing what he can to start a war without looking so obvious but these other countries aren’t falling for it and he vents in his bedroom by bashing his pillow against different things and screaming into it.

This article is about three weeks old but worth sharing.

Alamo Drafthouse Revenues Climb Despite Box Office Downturn

Alamo Drafthouse is capping off 2019 with shine. Ticket sales for the cinema chain are up 5.8% from last year, an especially impressive feat considering the exhibition industry as a whole is pacing over 5% behind 2018.

In a theatrical landscape that’s become particularly challenged by the rise of streaming services, Alamo Drafthouse attributes success to its scope of offerings. That mix includes traditional studio releases, indie and arthouse films and repertory showings. Comparatively, the next highest number of movies offered by an exhibitor chain is 1,142 films.


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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Thursday, January 9, 2019

  1. AndreaJN says:

    I HATE the hiccups. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have them for days, so I really feel for you, Keith!
    Did you know that jalapeños are rich in vitamin C, they contain more vitamin C than equivalent servings of raw broccoli and oranges? So whenever I am under the weather – I go out for Mexican food! 🙂 LOL ! Feed a cold, feed the flu… broken arm, feed it too!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Dude says:

    I saw Petty Theft on New Year’s Eve up at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton. Before they played “The Last DJ” song, Rhyner said something like “Well… here’s a song that apropos for this moment” and they kicked it off. I was the guy in the crowd with the giant ? over my head, but in retrospect, he was going to tell Danny and Corby his plans the next day. Almost a week later we all knew what he meant. BTW, it was a GREAT show, the band is AWESOME and Mike looked absolutely blissful. I am so happy for him and appreciative of his life’s work. It occurred to me on my drive in this morning when something struck me as “spare” just how much the Ticket has changed the vernacular of this town. And that’s all because Mike had a vision of what it could be.

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