Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 13, 2020

Snowfall doesn’t happen often around these parts so it’s always special to see the excitement in a child’s eyes. It would have been more fun if it was on a school day and seeing their face when Michael Irvin announces no classes. Only fellow TICKET listeners would understand.

I’m happy to hear Jimmy Johnson will be inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s impossible to tell the history of pro football without Johnson, so he was always a ‘yes’ for me. Similar to what happened with Bill Cowher on Saturday, Johnson was told live on air that he’d be going in.

The Hall of Fame broke tradition to tell Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson they’re in. It was great

Johnson had to know something was up when the president of the hall of fame walked in, since he was on set across the country NYC the day before for Cowher. But unlike the Cowher announcement, we got to see one of his players, Troy Aikman, peek in on the announcement. No, it’s time to get Jimmy in the Ring of Honor.

Red teary eyes, I guess the pollen count must have been abnormally high in Green Bay.

Don’t let the headline fool you, people are interested and devoted, they simply aren’t attending games.

Sports Illustrated – Why Is College Football Attendance Tanking?

From 2014 to ’18, attendance across the FBS fell by 7.6%. Last year, on average, 41,856 fans went to games. That’s the lowest turnout since 1996; even major programs like Ohio State, Virginia Tech and Ole Miss suffered declines of greater than 5%. The NCAA has yet to release its full report on 2019’s numbers, but pictures of nearly-empty stadiums, from big to small programs, popped up every fall weekend on Twitter. During bowl season, as games moved to neutral sites, the stands were so empty it looked more like spring football. Even athletic directors will openly admit it: College football is facing an attendance crisis.

While the pews might be emptying out, devotion is not diminishing. A 2018 Gallup Poll found that Americans care about college football more than any professional sport besides the NFL. And while TV ratings fell in recent years, they’re once again on the rise. People care and people watch. They just aren’t going as they once did.

If she accepts the duties of her role have been rolled back, then perhaps her salary should be cut back twenty to thirty percent.

Press secretary responds to complaints about not holding briefings

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham has rebuffed a recent CNN opinion piece from 13 former White House press secretaries, foreign service and military officials arguing for the return of daily press briefings.

Grisham has yet to hold a single briefing since taking the role of President Donald Trump’s chief spokeswoman in July, deciding instead to participate in interviews with friendly conservative television outlets like Fox News and One America News Network. Scrutiny over the lack of briefings has heightened in recent weeks amid escalating tensions with Iran.

Prior to the Trump administration, regular press briefings were the norm for decades. Under previous administrations, including Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, the White House and State Department held daily or almost daily briefings.


Scientists give cuttlefish 3D glasses and shrimp films for vision study

A team of researchers have strapped a pair of 3D glasses to an unsuspecting cuttlefish and set it loose in an underwater movie theatre to work out how the marine molluscs know how far away their prey is before launching an explosive, tentacled attack – Footage of traumatized moviegoers walking out of The Exorcist in 1973


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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 13, 2020

  1. Bizarro Big Tex says:

    Glad to see the announcement of Jimmy’s HOF honor. Truly genuine emotion (him & Troy). Time for Jerry to let bygones be bygones and install Jimmy in the Cowboy Ring of Honor. Everyday that doesn’t happen just shows Jerry’s pettiness and jealousy that much more vividly.

    PS – How about that Byron Nelson Golf Tourney news? I guess the new course in Southern Dallas wasn’t such a great idea after all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Press conferences turned into a circus. Press disrespectful attacking the President and everything he stood. I maybe old fashion, but our presidency needs to be respected, whether you agree or disagree with the particular politics.
    Press conferences had become useless, I for one dont miss them.

    • Anonymous says:

      It would be nice to see the president respect the citizenry enough to keep them informed with daily press briefings. If it was good enough for Reagan it should be good enough for Trump. Any press secretary worth his or her weight would be able to handle any reporter, disrespectful or not. A press secretary’s job is not to keep the press informed, but the public. Lack of press briefings is a lack of transparency and a sign of being a coward.

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