Bag of Randomness for Monday, September 30, 2019

  • I’m not sure if I’m using the correct terminology, but I’m guessing most children’s first experience with mechanical engineering is the disassembly and reassembly of a retractable pen.
  • Chris Wallace exposed Stephen Miller for the fool that he is yesterday morning and the same thing happened to Rep. Jim Jordan with Jake Tapper. Wallace summed it up perfectly with, “This is an exercise in obfuscation.” Perhaps Miller’s most laughable comment was “I’ve worked in the federal government now for nearly three years ― I know what the Deep State looks like.” Whoa, three years of experience! The guy is only 34-years-old.  I’m reminded of all the military movies when a second lieutenant arrives and tells a first sergeant or master sergeant how things ought to be done because of what he learned in officers school.
  • When Jason Witten did his Sunday Night Football introduction last night, I was hoping he’d say, “Jason Witten, Monday Night Football” instead of “Jason Witten, Tennessee.”
  • I liked but didn’t like the NBC Sports graphic of Dak Prescott in a modified Captain America outfit which had a Cowboys star on the chest. We all know the real Captain America is my good friend Roger Staubach. Good friend, you may ask, but hey, we did watch Hamilton together. 😉
  • BoyGeeding made a sports observation about something which didn’t dawn on me until my mid-twenties. He pondered about the score on the television and the order of the teams, that the second team is always the home team because it’s like saying, “Dallas at New Orleans”.  I told him I like the way he’s thinking and asking questions, he was indeed correct, and it was something which took me much longer to figure out.
  • I never played any organized baseball and pretty ignorant to a lot of things, but I help out BoyGeeding’s team by managing the dugout – helping with the batting order and putting on all the catcher’s armor between innings. One of his teammates is a special needs child and most of us fear for his safety anytime he’s on the field. As I was helping strap on his shin guards he bluntly told me I was sweating a lot. I playfully told him that’s a result of me not eating healthy and not exercising. He sternly replied with, “You look like you exercise a lot, how else would get all those big muscles?” That kid made my weekend.
  • WFAA made two notable appearances on last night’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. David Schwimmer also made had a few notable appearances on the show, and speaking of his appearance, it looks like he had some plastic surgery performed on his face.
  • Mack Brown sure has North Carolina playing some pretty good football in his first year back. His team came ‘this’ close to beating number top-ranked Clemson and have respectable wins against Miami and South Carolina. Also, SMU is having quite a football season.
  • Seth Green made Robot Chicken, then Robot Chicken made Seth Green
  • Well, I couldn’t help but think of WifeGeeding
    • “At first glance, it seems natural tar mixed with animal fat has been used in making [the eye]…whoever made the eye likely used a fine golden wire, thinner than half a millimeter, to draw even the most delicate eye capillaries…”

  • Just Jerry Jones being Jerry Jones, he’s larger than life. And, of course, by his side is his longtime body man Roosevelt, who wears shades no matter the time of day. That man has to have some of the most unbelievable and entertaining stories.

  • Cross falls on the drummer during the opening song of worship at church.
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