Bag of Randomness for the First of October 2019

  • I’ve researched the symbolism or reason why there is a giant eyeball in downtown Dallas. There’s no symbolism behind it and it’s mainly there just to be there, it’s part of the Joule Hotel’s art collection and it used to reside Chicago and St. Louis before arriving in Dallas in 2013. It was created by Tony Tasset in 2007, he’s the same guy who created the Randy’s Donuts facade.
  • Minnesota news – ‘I kept going’: Nine-year-old enters 5km race … and accidentally wins 10km event
  • First-Ever ‘House Hunters’ Couple Recalls Their ‘Horrific’ Experience
  • Well, at least the Secretary of State wasn’t listening on that “perfect” phone call made by POTUS. Oh, well, at least the AG isn’t associated with wrongdoing with foreign governments. Oh, well, at least the VP isn’t included in anything.
  • I’m not sure I’ll ever understand how Dr. Robert Jeffress’ denomination or leadership ever repudiate him. At least a local conservative DJ won’t hold back.
  • Nolan Ryan threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Rangers’ last home game at Globe Life Park. No one in the history of ever could show less enthusiasm or effort for a first pitch. Somewhat related – The time Trump landed his helicopter at center field and threw out a first pitch (I really thought the pitch was impressive).
  • This man saved the airline a lot of repair costs and prevented a lot of passengers from being delayed, I’m guessing.

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