Bag of Randomness for Monday, July 16, 2018

  • I love that picture of the Frech President celebrating during the World Cup final between his country and Croatia. One of the top comments on Reddit about the photo gave me a pretty good chuckle.
    • In a tomb in Paris, Napoleon’s corpse suddenly fist-pumped. For France had finally achieved victory in Russia.
  • It was also fun reading the Reddit comments on how well his shirt is tucked in despite being so animated. There was a small debate on whether it stays tucked in because of a well-tailored shirt or if he’s using a shirt stay. I’ve never heard of the latter and think they would feel awkward to wear, but keeping a shirt well tucked is always a struggle for me and I might just be willing to try them out. In my “brief” research about the item, I did see many men caution how they can suddenly unclip and hit the family jewels (YouTube, language warning).
  • Well, I now know exactly how Archie Manning felt every time Eli and Peyton had to play against each other. Our kids are in a basketball league but play for different age groups. DaughterGeeding’s opposing team didn’t have enough players show up so BoyGeeding was asked to play. Oh, the tension of seeing them compete against each other, I tell ya. Too bad CooperGeeding didn’t get a chance to play, he’s the one with the real talent. (That’s a TICKET joke for the handful of you that are out there.)
  • These things have always captivated me, I love how artistic and quirky they are – The stories behind those iconic ‘SNL’ photos
  • Presidential golf club bag:
  • I’m not opposed to government spending as long as it’s not wasteful, this is wasteful – The Air Force’s $10,000 toilet cover
    • Officials said last week that the U.S. Air Force paid about $10,000 each to replace toilet seat covers on the C-5 Galaxy, a Vietnam-era military cargo plane that is still in service, at least three times and as recently as last year.
  • One thing that will absolutely ruin a dining experience for me is a wobbly table. I’m looking at you, The Theodore, at Northpark Center.
  • Make yourself at home, Mr. President.
  • I love the sense of humor of these Royal pilots.
  • For as little as $7,000, the Red Sox will allow you and a group of 20 of your friends to take part in catching batting practice in center field.
  • Here’s a Whataburger playhouse I spotted at Dallas’ Northpark Center. It’s part of a contest to raise fund to prevent child abuse, but I didn’t like the tagline for the promotion, “Abused Children Can’t Wait” or something close to that. When I first read it, it sounded like the children couldn’t wait to be abused.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Monday, July 16, 2018

  1. RPM says:

    I don’t wear stays, but I recently got some pants that have a rubber grip band inside the waist. They are fantastic! Not sure how long they will last, but loving them so far.

    • Geeding says:

      I had one pair of pants with those rubber grips and they were great for an evening out and attending church though I’m not sure how well they would hold up for an eight or ten hour work day. I’m sure they were less than $30 and I think they were a pair of Haggars. Eventually, the rubber started to break apart and I took the dreaded trip to the mall to find a pair at Dillards, JC Penneys, and Macy’s. I’m the type that has to try on clothing before I buy otherwise I would have found them online.

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