Bag of Randomness on WifeGeeding’s 40th Birthday

  • That’s a picture of WifeGeeding in kindergarten, sometime after she had her eye removed if memory serves correct.
  • Back in the day, she could twirl with the best of them.
  • She ran cross-country in high school.
  • She thought bangs for her senior portrait would look nice.
  • This is a picture of her on her first night in college.
  • She once competed in a triathlon.
  • She gave birth a couple of times.
  • But totally embraced pregnancy.
  • She could have tried modeling with that look in her eye.
  • Someone at CBS News did some smart planning. They got their lead anchor to interview President Trump at the Trump Turnberry Resort in Scotland ahead of his Monday meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But what impressed me was that they went ahead and scheduled a follow-up interview on Wednesday. Trump hasn’t been interviewed by a network anchor since Lestor Holt back in May 2017. That follow-up is a great idea.
  • Has Prince William ever had a hot dog? An investigation
    • It appears no, however: When Prince William’s great-grandparents, King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth, better known as the Queen Mum, paid a visit to President Roosevelt in New York at Hyde Park, the president and royal family had a “picnic” where hot dogs were the main course.
  • More toll roads in the future? – Some GOP Senators Want to Slash Gas Taxes — and Federal Highway Spending
    • Republican Sens. Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz introduced a bill Tuesday that would dramatically reduce federal involvement in transportation systems in the U.S. The Transportation Empowerment Act would slash federal fuel taxes and highway spending over five years while eliminating the Highway Transportation Fund mass transit account.
  • Which Car Brands Have the Most (and Least) Loyal Owners?
    • Based on the data, we found that the brand with the most loyal owners is Lexus, followed by Mercedes-Benz and then Ford. The brand with the least loyal owners is Volkswagen, followed by Mazda and Volvo.
  • What’s in This?: Frozen PizzaAll 45+ (mostly terrible) ingredients in this bachelor-pad staple, explained (yep, even thiamine hydrochloride)
  • Christian Bale’s infamous Dark Knight voice was the only option
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness on WifeGeeding’s 40th Birthday

  1. Brent says:

    Happy 40th to my birthday buddy! I’ve got her by 5 years.

  2. AndreaJN says:

    WifeGeeding gets better looking all time! You are a lucky man 🙂

  3. BizarroBigTex says:

    Happy Birthday to WifeGeeding! many happy returns!

    Are hotdogs on the birthday luncheon menu?

  4. RPM says:

    Happy 40th Wife Geeding. Keith, don’t read the rest of this… Wife G, we kinda miss your blog contributions. OK Keith, you can go back to reading this now.

  5. Alec666 says:

    Happy birthday wife Geeding…my kids run cross country, any words of wisdom?

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