Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, October 26, 2016


  • Hi, I’m Keith, remember me? Let’s see if I remember how to do this.
  • I’ve got a bad case of bronchitis right now, and I’m blogging after taking some Tussionex for a bad cough and an Ambien. I’ve been coughing so much that every time I do so, my head starts to ache. However, I look at illness as an opportunity to really appreciate the times when I’m in good health.
  • Long story short, I bought a new laptop. Slightly longer story – the new part worked but then I broke something else, bought a new laptop but had to return it because one pixel wasn’t working.
  • I was watching ‘Elementary’ the other night and they referenced Steve Winwood, which got me on a bit of a Steve Winwood kick. But it got me to thinking if Beavis and Butthead ever laughed at his name. That made me remember a math teacher in high school who only referred to that cartoon as “Beavis and that other guy.” When I was a student in his trigonometry class, he was near retirement. He never married, neither did his sister, and they both lived together in the house they grew up in.
  • I spoke with my friend, Jimi, recently. He told me a story of buying Chapstick at a convenience store. Upon entering the store he asked the employee with special needs (or whatever the politically correct term is) if she could help him find the Chapstick. Her reply was an enthusiastic, “You bet I can!” and joyfully led the way. He went on to shed some light on how much happiness that brought her, to be able to help someone, yet for so many, it’s hard to find the tiniest amount of happiness in anything we do. I always appreciate Jimi’s ability to find the gems in everyday life.
  • Jimi and I were in the same communications class in college. Our first exam was being returned and I proudly showed him the “97” I made and told him, “Beat that!” About five seconds later he was handed his paper and he showed me his grade of “99”.  In that same class, we had to give an oral speech. Jimi is known for being the center of attention, but as he tried to give his speech, he froze and started to cry and then left the room.
  • Too often I’ve made the mistake of how much I want out of an experience instead of actually experiencing it.
  • After watching movies I like to go to IMDB and read the trivia. Recently I watched Captain America: Civil War and ran across this gem:
    • During the airport fight scene a truck has the Bluth family logo. It is the same “stair car” (portable staircase for an airplane) that was the subject of many running jokes in the sitcom Arrested Development (2003). The Russo Brothers, the directors of Captain America: Civil War, also directed the pilot for and many other episodes of Arrested Development.
  • Crazy how the Cleveland Cavaliers rose their championship banner last night and the Cleveland Indians were playing in game one of the 2016 World Series.
  • You use to never see, or at least I’ve never noticed, a college football player play for more than one university. I know Troy Aikman did it, but the circumstance was different. This year, I can name three quarterbacks who have started for a different school – the TCU QB played for aTm, the Sooner QB played for Texas Tech, and the aTm QB played for Oklahoma.
  • I’ve received multiple community reports that the starting cornerback (the one who played for the state university in Louisiana) for our local professional football franchise lives in the neighborhood. However, I can not confirm if he mows his lawn shirtless.
  • Speaking of minor celebrities, WifeGeeding was shopping at our local Wal-Mart when a small crowd of folks was taking pictures with a cast member of Lifetime reality show Little Women: LA. WifeGeeding didn’t have a clue who she was, but it appears she just moved to the area.
  • In BoyGeeding’s first two soccer games, he didn’t even touch the ball, not even by accident. He has since scored two goals. His old man never scored a single goal in his youth.
  • Daughter Receives Father’s Message in a Bottle 56 years After He Put It Out to Sea
  • Maybe he was a free agent –  The coach of a Providence, Rhode Island, youth football team is fired and his team kicked out of its league after he put a young man believed to be at least 18 years old into a game against 13 and 14 year old children.
  • It took a total of nine light bulbs, but two dudes were able to change a light bulb using two drones.
  • I tried one of those Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets recently and was surprised at how “real” everything felt. Once I took the headset off, it was as if I woke from a dream and suddenly transported elsewhere. Now I have an idea how Dr. Sam Beckett felt, but then again, I knew where I was heading.
  • I’m almost finished with making BoyGeeding’s Halloween costume. The sword is forged from Valyrian foam.


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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, October 26, 2016

  1. Railroad guy says:

    Glad your back! Nice work on the sword!

  2. ALEC says:

    Man, it's good to have you back…

  3. John Mackovic says:

    – Welcome back, you were missed!
    – Very impressive sword
    – I wonder how many Cowboys have moved out to the Frisco area.
    – Hope you feel better soon
    – You can add "Very impressive sword" to the list of things I'd never expect to say today

  4. RPM says:

    Ambien blogging… mmm, good times.

    Good to see you back. Get well!

  5. Bryan says:

    Welcome back and get to feeling better.

    What did you do for a new laptop? If I remember right, you were using a Chromebook. Mine is approaching 3 years old and I'm ready to upgrade.

    • Geeding says:

      Somehow I cracked the screen to the Chromebook. There’s a local place that sells replacement screens which worked for a while, but there was a connection problem on the motherboard. I bought a replacement part for the motherboard off eBay, which was only like seven bucks, but that didn’t work, so I just bought a new Chromebook.

  6. AndreaJN says:

    "forged from Valyrian foam" LOL!!! Great costume!

    Hope you feel better. You do seem susceptible to a lot of illnesses.

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