Bag of Randomness for the last day of May 2016

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  • Six years ago today WifeGeeding and I became parents.
  • DaughterGeeding’s birthday party was an afternoon tea at the American Girl Doll store at Galleria Dallas. Below are a few pics, but feel free to check out the entire album here.
  • DaughterGeeding and her friends enjoyed the experience, but WifeGeeding and I were disappointed with the level of service. The event was supposed to start with a craft activity in which they forgot until we reminded them at the end of the tea, they forgot to give us party favors which were included in the package, and they forgot to deduct our $50 deposit from the total bill. There were more issues, but those were the major three and prompted us to visit with the manager. For the most part, he made things right, but I don’t like having to get to that point.
  • We’ve had bad luck dining out lately, and we will admit we dine out too often. We ate at Chipotle on Saturday and WifeGeeding had guacamole added to her bowl. In her guacamole was half of a frozen avocado, one big chunk. I’ve bragged about the greatness of the Maple and Motor burger, but this time their burger was so bland I didn’t even want to finish it.
  • Y’all know I’m a big fan of Haystack Burgers and Barley, but I think I’m going to stop going. They give me the impression they really don’t appreciate my business. I fell more appreciated going to a chain restaurant than this family owned business.
  • SisterGeeding is out of the hospital and DaughterGeeding and I went to visit her on Saturday. We’re a one automobile family, and WifeGeeding had to take BoyGeeding to a birthday party, so DaughterGeeding and I decided to give Uber a try. With this being my very first Uber experience, I was highly disappointed. The driver almost got into two accidents, talked and texted while driving, and complained to us about some sort of problem his wife was having with other family members. Of course, I gave him a poor rating, and I’m not sure I’ll use the service again. First impressions, yo.
  • I attempted to smoke a brisket this weekend. Attempted is the operative word. I had a lot of trouble maintaining heat. But even though the end product sucked, it’s the experience of trying to accomplish something and learning from my mistakes that I like. But don’t get me wrong, I wanted some good brisket.
  • My neighbors have been pissing me off as of late. I mentioned one Saturday morning, before 7:00 AM, one neighbor had a crew removing bricks from his backyard and they were literally throwing them into a dump truck that echoed all throughout the neighborhood. This Saturday, one neighbor’s lawn-mowing service started to mow at 7:10 AM. On Memorial Day, another neighbor had a landscaping crew remove decorative rock at 7:20 AM. As you probably guessed, they were tossing these 20-50 pound stones into the back of a dump truck which echoed throughout the neighborhood. I’m about **this** from walking outside with my father’s shotgun next time and extending some grace. Added to this, the “loud party neighbors” just started to upgrade their backyard deck that will come complete with a project screen.
  • We visited the Cinncinatti Zoo this weekend and BoyGeeding wondered off into a gorilla enclosure. OK, maybe part of that is not true. Well, maybe all of that isn’t true.
  • If I’m even in the hospital and someone from U2 visits, there’s no doubt in my mind I’d have less than a week to live.
  • Bono joins Bruce Springsteen in Dublin for ‘Because the Night’ – I had no idea that “The Boss” co-wrote the song.
  • Baylor AD Ian McCaw quits same day Jim Grobe named interim coach
    – I’m surprised anyone would take this job so quickly, especially if there’s the assumption the coaching staff would stay the same, though I’m sure many will either leave or be let go. If I’m a new coach, I’d want to bring in my own assistants, at least some of them, even at an interim level. On top of that, there’s no telling what kind of sanctions or penalties the school will be hit with. Also puzzling, Grobe accepted the position right before the athletic director quit. Usually, the AD is in charge of hiring the coach. I’d think either the interim or new AD would select the new/interim head football coach, not the guy who is quitting the same day as the hire.
  • What’s next for Baylor? More lawsuits, investigations and penalties, experts say
    • Experts say the fallout could include wrongful-termination lawsuits, federal investigations, victim settlements and scrutiny from the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
    • Yet the school’s 13-page “Findings of Facts” based on the Pepper Hamilton inquiry contained few specifics: no dates, descriptions of offenses or details about how athletic officials tried to get around the Title IX investigative process. The regents said the report nevertheless offered the community “as much detail as possible.” It stands in sharp contrast to the lengthy and detailed narratives about what happened at other colleges issued by the education department’s investigators, which describe incidents in detail while still protecting student privacy.
      • Not releasing a detailed report leads me to believe there was some real damning evidence to terminate Briles quickly and unexpectedly, as well as demoting Starr.
  • Buzzfeed – This Teen Designed An Amazing Handmade “Coming To America” Prom Dress
  • Buzzfeed – A Spanish teacher begins every class with a very enthusiastic “Buenos dias!”
    This March, two of his students decided to secretly film his grand entrances every day and compile them into a video montage.
  • Disney World Honored a Woman’s Unused Pass … from 1994‏
  • Emoji Bible translation to launch to help spread gospel to modern Christians
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9 Responses to Bag of Randomness for the last day of May 2016

  1. RPM says:

    Happy Birthday to Daughter Geeding! She seems to be an exceptional young lady from everything I've read and seen.

    I'm pretty confident that the other shoe has yet to drop at Baylor. My opinion is Briles ran a dirty/unethical program Bud Kilmer style top to bottom and used the school's religious background as cover.

  2. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday, DaughterGeeding!

  3. Mr. Mike Honcho says:

    Congrats on your Daughter's Birthday; these are the positives that balance the negatives.

    Keep up the effort on Brisket Cooking! I know you will get the hang of it. Its a very "man bucket list" thing to cook good brisket. One unsolicited tip; worry about getting good bark last.

  4. John Mackovic says:

    I drove bus!

  5. Tim says:

    Fully understanding your first impression of Uber, I've always found it a great convenience and experience. Having used it in multiple cities, I've never come close to the experience you had. That driver needs more than a bad rating, can you report drivers? Personal calls and texting while driving is inexcusable.

    • Geeding says:

      I did rate the drive and provided a description of why the rating was bad. I think there were also categories on why the rating was bad, such as “Safety”, “Friendliness” and “Cleanness of car”. I received a generic apology email which spoke of safety. I’m not sure what I was expecting or wanted in terms of resolution, but that’s what I got.

  6. Ben W. says:

    A friend of mine had a bad Uber experience (the driver nearly got in two accidents, and at one point got "stuck" in the middle of an intersection under a red light and just froze). She made a comment on Uber's Facebook page, and they contacted her really quickly for details and more info. Since your experience was similarly dangerous, you might want to reach out using social media. Companies are becoming increasingly responsive through those channels.

    Pro tip: before 2005, unused Disney tickets never expired. So if you have old ones floating around, just take them to the ticket window and they'll get you fixed up with a current, valid admission. (Side note: that girl's four-day pass was about $125. The same thing now is about $325.)

  7. ALEC says:

    You, Sir, have a beautiful family. You are a very rich man indeed.

  8. David Bryant says:

    Regarding Jim Grobe, I think it was an easy decision. Baylor needs a 1 year coach, and Grobe is retired. He can come in and help with the transition while not really having all of the headaches. Plus it helps cover the cost of his Obama-care.

    The real question is the assistants. He has to have some, and it will be hard to hire quality ones this late in the game. Look for many of those at BU to stay through the season since they cannot get jobs this late…and can't be replaced this late. I did see one commentator suggest that this might be a good chance to pull out a lot of retired coaches for a one final year staff

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