Local Not-Local Twitter Humor

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  1. Bryan says:

    I can sort of feel the pain on this one. My phone number is the same as a local medical worker temp agency, but with a different local area code (my number is 817, theirs is 214. I have had this number for almost 15 years and I have gotten calls at all hours of the day and night from hospitals, hospice providers, and employees. I have been awakened before 7:00am on my day off and I have walked out of meetings to answer their calls. I've asked the agency to pass the word onto their clients to be more careful when dialing and I've mostly gotten ambivalence back. One of their employees didn't see humor in me asking for her personal cell number so I could call her when I was inconvenienced to show her how it felt. I declared war on a hospice provider a few years ago when their call center employees took to hanging up on me without talking when they realized they had dialed the wrong number. This was in my early iPhone days so I soon realized I could block numbers. Those calls stopped but I still get a few a month.

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