Bag of Randomness for Monday, June 15, 2015


  • I don’t think I’ve had a charley horse since high school, but on Friday night I woke up screaming in pain from the one going on in my right calf.  Later that evening, a deep bruise appeared where the cramp took place.
  • It was a pretty prison based weekend for me – I started the new season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ and caught the Jeff Ross special where he roasted inmates at the Brazos County Jail.  Ross’ special was interesting as he had compassion for the inmates but gave them a hard time, he was especially hard on the white supremacy inmates as he’s Jewish.  There was also some behind the scenes sort of stuff, and I didn’t know that in solitary confinement the inmates don’t even have a toilet, the just have to go over a hole in the floor that has a screen on top.
  • While channel surfing, I discovered that Drew Pearson has his own talk show on one of the local channels where he interviews guests about sports and non-sports topics.  I did crack up at the Whataburger “88” order number that was on a table next to him.
  • I also caught a bit of something called the BattleFrog College Championship on one of the ESPNs and couldn’t stop watching it.   Basically, it’s a relay race of coed teams of four from different universities running through an obstacle course designed and officiated by Navy SEALs.  It was neat seeing Virginia and Virginia Tech compete against each other simultaneously and Ole Miss was excellent.  If I recall correctly, there were siblings on each of those three teams, which added a little something.  But a team from West Point entered and dominated the challenges.  There were multiple rounds performed on the same course, and Army had four of the ten fastest times.  I found this show tons better than ‘American Ninja Warrior’ or other like shows.
  • We gave Ten 50 BBQ in Richardson a try this weekend.  It’s a Larry Lavine restaurant, he’s the guy that basically started Chili’s.  I wouldn’t rank their BBQ in my top five, and maybe not even the top ten.  It’s better than a chain restaurant, but it wasn’t melt in your mouth, the rub needed a spark, and you didn’t any decent crunch, though you don’t want much of it.  But hey, the fries and atmosphere was neat.
  • Watching the season finales of ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Silicon Valley’ made me feel that HBO is worth every single penny I pay for it.
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ thoughts:
    • Shame! Shame! Shame! Ding ding.
    • Stannis Baratheon’s game time coaching decisions are highly questionable.  His decision to go into battle was on par with former Detroit Lion coach Marty Mornhinweg’s decision to kickoff in overtime after winning the coin toss.  If Bad Idea Jeans needed a new spokesman, he’s their man.
    • I think next season everyone is going to say the show jumps the shark.
      • Arya Stark is going to become the female Daredevil of Braavos.
      • Jon Snow isn’t dead just like The Mountain never really died.  Snow is somehow saved by The Red Woman and her black magic.  The actor did recently sign a two-year contract to be on the show, but there’s disagreement on this thought.
      • Sansa Stark and Theon survives that jump from the top of the castle wall into a pile of snow without harm just like Harrison Ford’s Dr. Richard Kimble did off that dam in The Fugitive.  We’ll see Ramsay Bolton standing on top of that wall yelling, “My wife and Reek did a Peter Pan right off of this wall right here. Well, think me up a cup of coffee and a chocolate donut with some of those little sprinkles on top, while you’re thinking.”
      • As for Sansa and Theon jumping off that wall, I want to say it took balls, but, well, you know.  That Theon moment was a lot like how Darth Vader flipped the sentimental switch and threw Palpatine into that abyss.
      • Cersei starts a hairstyle trend, all the girls of King’s Landing will be sporting short hair.  But with her humiliation and loss of her daughter she’ll be the next spokesperson for Paxil or Prozac.
    • Those final three episodes of the season were exceptional.
    • Before the start of the show, I was actually looking up the history of Khaleesi and the Dotharaki because I couldn’t remember how they dropped off the show.  I really couldn’t find an answer, but I think it was because they don’t cross water their horses don’t drink.
    • I’m surprised Drogon was as damaged as he was, which was something I probably should have shared last week.  I thought a dragon’s scales were tougher and more protective, especially enough to ward off a human thrown spear.
    • I’m not sure why Khaleesi dropped that ring.  Perhaps as a way to show the Dotharaki she never married after the death of her husband or as a way for her to be traced, you know, like leaving breadcrumbs.
    • Everyone saw that kiss of death coming after those lips were held for a bit too long.
    • I bet most folks thought Ramsay was going to die by the end of this season.  The writers did a good job of using that tool Sansa stole as a red herring, leading us to think she’ll use it as a weapon but only to use it as a lock pick.
    • It’s funny how much I despised Jaime and now I really like the guy.  Here he is trying to confess the biggest sin possible to his niece/daughter and loves and accepts him anyway.
    • I wouldn’t want to take a Walk of Atonement, and it took a lot of courage for Lena Headey.  But I think they used a body double for the behind scenes, her hair just looked different.  Cersei isn’t someone you want to give any sympathy to, but you kinda wanted to, though you know she’ll come back with a vengeance.
    • Who would ever thought Daario , Khaleesi’s boyfriend, would be the voice of reason and was capable of being so diplomatic.
    • I like the idea of The Mountain taking a vow of silence.
    • I hope Ghost is alive somewhere.
  • GIF – Throwing a frisbee can be challenging
  • Video – This is the mark of a true rockstar
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