Using Cups to Tally Up Shows

Only half that mirror David Letterman is looking into is visible.  The other half is covered by cups, and each cup represents a completed show.  I found that interesting, and I guess it’s better than using some silly spreadsheet.

The New York Time has a nice feature on David Letterman as his final days of a late night talk show host ends, here are a some highlights:

  • He didn’t have any involvement or consulted in the choosing of Stephen Colbert as his successor, which bothered him a little, and he’s now totally over it.
  • It seems like he expected Jon Stewart to take his place and then Colbert, and also thought it would have been a great opportunity to have a person of color or a woman as host.
  • He’s always been an avid runner.  Six weeks after his quintuple bypass surgery he ran for five miles..
  • He knows how he wants the last show to go. Comparing how Carson did his, he wants to make it more cheery, upbeat, and funny.
  • After he settles down, he sounds like he’s open to do a little this and that on television.

Even though his show doesn’t have a strong social media presence, I do like how his show will have guests write a message on a card and tweet it out before the show.  Here are some examples.




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