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  • Over the past 30 days, 72.7% of you have visited this website by a desktop, 15.3% by tablets, and 12% by a mobile device.
  • Taxes are filed.
  • The kids wanted to watch a Superman and Batman cartoon so I pulled up a Justice League cartoon on HBOGo and was surprised at how dark it was.  Bane dug up Bruce Wayne’s parents and stole their bodies which of course ticked-off Bruce Wayne.  After Bane fought Wayne and knocked him out, Wayne woke up buried inside his father’s coffin with his decomposed father, and they showed the decomposed corpse.
  • Speaking of disturbing Batman stuff, last night’s ‘Gotham’ had some very gross and disturbing content, probably the worst I’ve seen on network television.
  • Helen Mirren was on Letterman last night and convinced him to do the interview by having him sit in the empty guest chair next to her, and it was delightful.
  • Kansas head coach tricked his basketball manager, a student, into taking a physical so he could actually suit him up and put him in a game.
  • This whole mysterious Dez Bryant video that has yet to surface and supposedly will have a “Ray Rice-type of an impact” lead me to a conspiracy theory.   The keeper of the tape doesn’t like the Cowboys and wants them to first sign Dez before releasing the video.  He’s hoping the Cowboys will have to commit the money and after the tape release, Dez will be suspended and the Cowboys are screwed with their roster and salary cap.
  • Gus Fring from ‘Breaking Bad’ was in Trading Spaces?  Yup, per his IMDB page he’s listed as Cellmate #2.
  • Buzzfeed – San Antonio Area Teacher To Donate A Kidney To Her 6-Year-Old Student
  • Syracuse retired Roosevelt Bouie’s jersey, but his name on the jersey at the retirement ceremony was misspelled.
  • The 27 Maps That Explain America
  • Whataburger is looking for customers in Dallas and Houston to be in commercials telling stories about their all-time favorites.
  • GIF – Snuffing out candles hitting a ping-pong ball from a far distance
  • YouTube – A brief history on the humble beginnings of Six Flags Over Texas and the Six Flags and Texas Railroad.
  • ‘Better Call Saul’ is good television.
  • Stories like this always fascinate me – World War I-era German grenade pulled from Swan River by Perth fisherman
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Guest says:

    I think you mean "Trading Places," not "Trading Spaces."

  2. sara says:

    RE: 27 MAPS
    So, directly to my north – north of Bexar county (San Antonio) is "Greater Appalachia"?
    Which would mean Appalachia has a lot of hipsters. (Austin)

    This map would make more sense if they included context –

  3. Bryan says:

    How did you run across the Six Flags railroad video? It's made its way through a few Six Flags former employee groups and park history groups on Facebook over the last week or so and this is the first I've seen of it outside of that venue.

    Cliff did an outstanding job with the video. He was a former train engineer at the park from his younger years and he recently returned to the job on a part time basis. Being on the engine crew was prestigious and highly envied. I was never assigned to the crew, but I was lucky enough to have my brother and a number of friends on the crew and I trained as a fireman and engineer to fill in on open shifts. Some of those shifts were among the most fun I ever had in my 6 years working at Six Flags. Working a live steam locomotive is an art and there aren't all that many people in the world that can say they've done it. Kudos to Cliff for capturing just a little of the rich history of the park's trains.

  4. Dude says:

    Keith the previous poster is correct, it's Trading Places. Here's a screenshot with "Gus" next to Eddie Murphy.

    "I'm a karate man, and a karate man bleeds on the inside"

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