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  • Kids today will never know the frustration of trying to re-fold a map.
  • I’m a horrible note taker.  Usually stuff I usually think is important ends up not being and I tend to fall behind writing/typing as this progress, or as things progress my mind is repeating/reading what I’m taking down and that blocks out anything I’m hearing which means I just missed something.
  • For lunch yesterday we ate at Hopdoddy and it was much better than expected:
    • When you walk in you are greeted by a hostess who will save a table for you as the place fills up fast, you then head to the counter and order.  This place is a hippier, trendier, costlier, and friendlier version of Maple and Motor.
    • They have quite a variety of burgers with two buns to choose from, whole wheat and egg.  The meat is grounded daily in house and I think each is a half-pound, buns bakes twice daily, and they offer two versions of fries with queso and dipping sauces.  WifeGeeding had the Classic and I went with the Buffalo Bill sans hot sauce.
    • You won’t find Coke or Dr. Pepper, instead they use some other kind of fountain drink service which was a bit fun to try.  I had the Doppleganger and would recommend it, it was probably their version of Coke.
    • I finished things off with a chocolate milkshake which I thought had a slight taste of either dark chocolate or coffee to it, but I was amazed at the size of the straw they provided, it was well girthed.
    • Hooks are located under each table for purses and coats, and maybe misbehaving kids.
  • After lunch we proceeded to a park where I got to see a lot of mothers in one their natural habitats.  I observed three species.  The most common was the sensible kind, dressed mostly in jeans and a t-shirt and running shoes wearing just a bit of makeup and highly engaged with their kids.  Another was of the high maintenance nature, great makeup and hair with outfits not meant for the playground.  I often saw them on their mobile phones when their kids were roaming.  Lastly I saw the kind that looked like they use to be high maintenance but have totally nailed it in – no makeup and just sweatpants and a t-shirt with an eye on their kid, but preferred to converse with other members of their close-knit flock.
  • One thing I miss about my mom is her cooking, and last night I tried to recreate one of her meals.  It was close, but no cigar.
  • @HistoryInPics is at it again posting false photos.  This time they posted a young Elvis Presley in his Army uniform next to an older John Lennon that obviously faked.  Here’s the original Lennon photo by photographer Astrid Kirchherr, and here’s the original Elvis photo in which he’s actually facing the opposite direction.
  • Here’s the GIF of the Marshawn Lynch touchdown celebration I referred to yesterday.
  • I heard a good point made about Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman’s post game rant with Erin Andrews.  The NFL typically has a cooling off period from the end of the game until the media has access to the players, and that’s for players to get their heads on straight after the raw emotion of the game.
  • Yesterday Bob Sturm stated that the 17-year-old-Bob and the 41-year-old-Bob would choose two totally different colleges, I totally related to that.
  • Apparently the LBJ Library and an air museum in Ohio are fighting over who should get to display the Air Force One that LBJ took the oath of office in.
  • The most popular password for online accounts is no longer “password” but “123456”.
  • The fastest download speed for 4G LTE in the U.S. is 16.65 Mbps.   South Korea is about to have 300 Mpbs.
  • The University of Oregon pays homage to the Nike Jumpman logo with Jumpduck on their shoes.
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  1. kaleb says:

    I shall suggest the salted caramel shake next time you are at hopdoddy. It is amazing.

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